#1 On Google But Does this Mean ANYTHING?

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Just happened today. I made these blogger blogs back in 2007. About 26 of them. I was trying out adsense then but quit and moved on.

So after logging in today I saw the stats section on the Blogger dashboard and thought it was interesting to see if any has been getting any views or such.

Surprise surprise, 3 of them are getting about 200 page views everyday.

Remember I really dont Update these blogs at all and some have content that is barely 100 words. Others have just a few pictures. When I created them I really didnt have any SEO knowledge.

But the main thing that surprised me is one of the blogs. Its ranked #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo. From the Google Blogger stats feature, they even show which search term was used so it was easy for me to follow this.

Its a long tail keyword with 5 words. I used Google Adwords Keywords tool and it tell me this keyword is searched about 2300 times monthly.

After I search it, my Blogspot blog is on a strong #1 on all three major search Engines! The second search result is a link from answer.com, third one from Wikipedia.

Well, am sort of excited although I havent monetized this really. I always hated SEO as I thought it was a tedious time consuming slow process, but this is interesting!

I wanna hear from the Pros. does ranking #1 on a keyword that gets about 2000 searches on Google mean anything really?

How can I improve this?
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    Originally Posted by Stiffler View Post

    I wanna hear from the Pros. does ranking #1 on a keyword that gets about 2000 searches on Google mean anything really?
    I'm not a pro by any means but... Sure it does!

    Only if your website/squeeze page is set up right, the intent to BUY is there ( not just attracting browsers ), and your system converts well.

    Without those things, 2,000 searches means absolutely nothing. But at least you've figured out how Google's algorithm works. Now you can expand on it.
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    Sure it means something! Like jeffrey73 said, its all about how you convert the traffic after you get them on your blog. Thats what I would start working on, a way to capture their information and get them on a list.

    If you are seeing 100+people a day for nothing, thats a great start!

    Good luck!
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    YES it means something. But what exactly it means depends on a lot. If your traffic is easily monetizable, then you can start yourself a nice little income stream! If the traffic is hard to monetize, than it may not mean much.

    It's like finding that old piece of furniture in your attic. May be worth a million bucks or may be worth nothing and looking at it with the untrained eye, you would have no idea one way or the other.

    At the very least, throw up some monetization tactic to at least earn a few bucks for that extra night out at a restaurant every month!
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    2300 visitors.....$50 easy peasy and lots more with some work. Depends on your niche but pretty much anything with 2000+ visitors should bring at least $50.
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    yes, that does mean something. if you look at any heatmap of the google search you will see that the first page first result gets more than half of the visitors, if i remember correctly.
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    it means something because a lot of people try to accomplish this, you can sell your site, or try to monetize it, though, like someone else posted, #1 doesn't make it guaranteed sales, you gotta experiment with until you find the right campaign
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    Originally Posted by Stiffler View Post

    I wanna hear from the Pros. does ranking #1 on a keyword that gets about 2000 searches on Google mean anything really?
    Here's something I have a learned the hard way.

    If its for a competitive keyword with lots of paid ads ... yes! If nobody is bidding on it, it's pretty much worthless. Not every #1 position is of any use ... also, ranking for a 5 word keyphrase isnt very difficult!

    Any questions just let me know
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    It means something, but without knowing the keyword, your site and your goals it's hard to say
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    Lucky boy, Make sure you monetize(assuming your niche is a good one). Earn some money for some months and then sell it.
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    You could be making a few bucks out of that. It doesn't look like you care much about your blogs so you can put the ads as aggressively as possible for maximum exposure. Could get you something for a cup of coffee.
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    I moved up to #1 from #3 about 2 weeks ago and traffic has increased but hops have decreased. I am getting less hops than when I was back on spot #3. I want to go back to #3
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    Actually, I think that sometimes keywords with browsers (not buyers) can be useful as well. You can do 2 things:

    1. Promote lead gen offers. Offers that don't require a credit card number to convert can convert even with browsers.

    2. Build a list (can be useless for some niches, but great for others).

    The major proof that people without a buying mindset are also worth money is Facebook. I have made some nice money with Facebook lately and I know marketers making 4 figures a day there. However, people on FB are definetely not looking to buy stuff.

    It's all about knowing your audience and dealing with them properly.

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    put adsense... a simple ad somwhere on your site...
    each site could convert to $10 -$50 monthly
    so you get maybe $30 - $150
    nice right

    so there, add adsense... but not too much... learn some basics of the trade... read some stuff first before tweaking anything
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