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Here's an idea that I'm trying out this month, and if it works, I'll keep plugging at it all winter.
There's a new offer on many networks for "Heat Surge" (you know, those Amish made solid wood heaters), so I got an idea. I used to work at a "big box" supermarket in the hardware section, and customers would frequently ask if we carried those heaters. Even though they cost over $300, people seemed willing to spend the cash if they could find them. Well, lucky for us marketers, these items are not sold in stores, and the offer payout can be up to $65, depending on the network. I created a couple of simple flyers which included a jpeg photo of the heater that I copied from Google images, and had 1000 copies made on pale red heavy-stock paper. I've already started placing these flyers on car windshields in big box parking lots like Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, etc. So far I've only gotten a few clicks and no conversions, but I've only distributed about 200 flyers, and the weather hasn't started to get hardcore yet. I'm thinking about hitting the Walmart full force on Black Friday, possibly even outsourcing to local kids to help me cover the other stores in my area on that day. This could potentially be huge, since consumers are in a rabid purchasing frenzy on the biggest shopping day of the year, and they are usually shelling out the big bucks. The advantage of paying a little more for heavy stock paper with the flyers is that it makes them harder for people to just wad up and throw them away.

What do y'all think?
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    Will convert! at the very worst, you get your printing money back

    regarding the flyers, convince them with good flyers.... nextdayflyers has special on flyers (500pcs for $20, 1/4 page size)... very good quality...

    just type "flyers printing" on Google and click on their ads...
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      Good idea. You've seen the demand, so you know there is a market. I like the idea of outsourcing to increase your footprint. Remember, this is a numbers game, the more you get out there the better. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the encouraging words. Hopefully I'll make back way more than my printing costs, but it's gonna take some work, lol...
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    Here's one of the flyers:

    Amish Made Electric Fireplace
    ü Lower your heating bills & never get cold again!
    ü Heat up any room instantly with Fireless Flame technology!
    ü 30-day Money Back Guarantee – Limited Time Offer
    Order yours today at
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      I like it.. and hope it works. Around here you'd be booted out of walmart parkin lot for putting flyers on cars.
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        Originally Posted by Mack99 View Post

        I like it.. and hope it works. Around here you'd be booted out of walmart parkin lot for putting flyers on cars.
        I already did it once at the Walmart where I live, and nobody seemed to care. Even the guy driving the security car just cruised on by me. Plus I know a special jedi mind trick to make myself invisible, lol...

        If you go down there on Black Friday about 6am, there are so many cars and people jam packed in those lots that the only thing security and cops are concerned about is crowd control. The only daunting part of the task becomes working your way through all the people, although it could be a fun part of the task if you enjoy talking to people while you hand them a flyer. Just be smart about it, and above all be friendly.
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    LOL< Offline marketing is the in thing now, and I encourage you to proceed with your idea, it sounds viable!
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