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A few days ago I was accepted by a CPA network. I talked to them to speed up the process. We talked about different offers I'd like to promote. They asked if I would be interested in promoting a certain offer and I said yes. I looked at this offer and I think the landing page looks worse than some clickbank products and banner ads seem cheesy.

I have never promoted a CPA offer so my questions may seem stupid. The only reason I'm posting here is because it's Friday night and can't contact AM.

I have found two similar products (same niche) I would like to promote. Can I just start promoting them or do I need approval? On the offer it says approved.

Can I promote other offers instead of per sale or trials could I promote email/zip instead?

I'm just kinda confused on what a newbie can promote with a CPA company. I have always promoted whitehat. I just don't want to do something wrong and get banned for not asking to promote an offer.

Any help is much appreciated.
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    If it says you are approved and gives you a tracking link, you are good to go! The only time you have to worry about it is when it says something like: "The advertiser has to pre-approve you for this campaign". Then they will email you if you were rejected or not. You don't ever have to ask in person, just press the "request campaign" button.
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    Thank you very much Jeffrey.
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    Make sure to do research. Not all offers are created equal. Find something with multiple offers and proven success. Then do lots of testing. Rotate your ads, methods, lps and if need be offers. Watch the numbers. They tell it all.
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    depends on the network
    most of the offers in Neverblue/maxbounty/hydra etc are ready to go
    some offers you do need to apply to
    but you will not get artraking link if you are not allowed
    so crack on buddy
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    if the affiliate link is available to you on that particular offer, you are approved to promote it.
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    Some offers require approval, but others don't . If it says that the offer is approved and you can get your affiliate link, go ahead, promote it.

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