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by Jude.A
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Ok, first of all i do not know if this is the right place to post this but since it has to do with a CPA offer i didn't have any other choice than to post it here. Also, this might seem naive or out of place but i don't know what else to do. I'll try to explain as best as i can.

Yesterday, i learned of a method to promote cpa offers (email submits) using a website known as Slideshare. This website allows members to post powerpoint presentations as slides.

The problem now is that before now i have never used microsoft powerpoint to create slides. So i got to work over 12 hours ago, i had done everything pretty fine until it got to a point where i had to put my cpa offer banner inside the powerpoint presentation.

When i checked the offer and clicked on the banner size i needed, it displayed fine on the cpa network's website but i couldn't get to copy or transfer or save the banner into my powerpoint presentation.
When i clicked on the banner, i got some HTML codes but how do i then transfer these codes into my powerpoint presentation and make it display as a banner or picture?

And then the question of ensuring that my tracking link is embedded in the banner is another issue but I'm sure I'll be able to go that if only i can get this banner displayed on the CPA network to also display on my powerpoint slide presentations.

Looking at what I've written so far, i'm sure i sound as confused as i truly am right now, i've been with my pc for over 6 hours on a stretch and i have not been able to do this task. It's so frustrating.

Please warriors, can someone help me?
In English, i guess what i am saying is this:

How can i place banners of my CPA offer on my powerpoint slide presentation. I get a bunch of HTML codes but when i copy and paste them on the powerpoint side, i still get the same codes displayed (i was thinking some magic will happen).
Any help please? please, please.
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    In the HTML code, you'll find a link for the image file. You can find out by looking at the end of each link. If the link ends with something like: fileX.jpg, fileX.gif, etc then the link points to an image.

    Copy the image link and download the image to your computer..........after that, you know how it goes.

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    Right click on the image on the network and save as. If for some reason it isn't possible just get the HTML code, pick the URL of the attribute src of the tag img and paste it on the nav bar of your browser. Than right click and save as.

    The second is step is add the image to the slide presentation. Open Power Point and clock on "Insert" on the top menu and then image from a file. Find the image insert it. Then right click on the image and choose "Hyperlink". Insert your affiliate link and you will be done. When people click on the banner your site will open on the browser.

    The only problem is that I'm not sure if everything will work fine after you upload to Slideshare.

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