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Hello everyone,

I have been a full-time internet marketer for a few years now. I have worked in-house and at an agency. I have a lot of experience both in SEO and PPC. That being said, I have never made any money on my own. To clarify, I have never really tried.

I had been to this forum before but never really stopped to take a look around. I did so today and after about 5 minutes, wished I had a long time ago.

So here is my question:
I have a reasonable budget and a lot of experience doing both SEO and PPC. Where do you recommend I get started in terms of making money online? Can you point to be some useful threads or give me some of your own personal advice?

Would really appreciate it!
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    If you have a suitable budget and have some experience in PPC, i suggest you start building a list through paid means.

    It's generally accepted that the best way to profit online is to build a list, build a relationship with that list, and then sell to that list.

    The hard part is the first part, however if you have capital upfront i would highly suggest doing so. If you have no experience in copywriting for the autoresponder messages you could always outsource it on elance.

    Hope this helped -Matt
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      Really appreciate the response, Matt.

      Can you elaborate on "build a relationship" with that list? I am assuming the list should revolve around a specific niche and then share info related to that niche?

      Should the landing page revolve around a blog on the niche? Is there other ways? (don't mind creating content but would like to stay away from a blog)

      What is the traditional model?
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