The Top 10 Most Searched For Affiliate Terms In March

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Affiliates, want to know what niches and offers other affiliates are looking for?

Networks, want to know what offers and niches your affiliates want?

Well, we got the goods for both of ya

Here at (the affiliate offer search engine) we get close to 100,000 searches for affiliate offers a month and March '11 was one of our busiest yet.

Analyzing what affiliates are searching for reveals trends in the industry such as hot markets, saturated verticals and emerging opportunities.

So last month, affiliates were looking for the following:

Top 10 Niche Searches
1. Email Submits (not really a niche but still...)
2. Weight loss (and diet)
3. Insurance
4. Games
5. Mobile
6. Auto Insurance
7. Dating
8. Zip submits
9. Pet
10. Computers and Electronics

Top 10 Offer Searches
1. IQ Challenge
2. Digital Wave Profit Formula
3. iPad 2
4. Living Social
5. Quibids
6. Groupon
7. Travian
8. McDonalds (wtf?)
9. Victoria's Secret
10. Costco

Miscellaneous Honorable Mentions
1. Wap - with the explosion of mobile offers we've seen a strong rise in searches for WAP (a type of mobile browser) friendly offers. This should
2. Gamevance - searches for Gamevance climbed steadily through 2010 as affiliates try to zero in on gamevance friendly offers
3. Facebook - searches for Facebook are steady but on the decline
4. Free trial - once this was the most popular search term on oDigger. But with Google, Facebook, credit cards etc coming down hard on free trial style offers the amount of searches for this term has slowed to a trickle

Our Observations
- Weight loss and Insurance are 2 niches that have dominated affiliate search trends ever since we launched oDigger beta, and with no shortage of diet offers and super competitive insurance companies, shows no signs of slowing down
- Email submit took the crown as the term searched most by affiliates. This correlates tightly with the rise in social ppc, mobile ads and ppv
- Games was also one of the most searched for niches, which also correlates with a rise in mobile, social and ppv advertising.
- Searches for Zip Submits are on the rise and there is no shortage of juicy zip submit offers (do a search on oDigger and filter out "Categories" in the Advanced Filter options to see for yourself)
- Surprisingly, Bizops, make money or any internet marketing related terms did not crack the top ten niche searches for March
- IQ Challenge is a stud in ppv and it's no surprise that it came up as the most searched for offer by affiliates last month
- Riding the group buying wave, Living Social was searched for more than Groupon, however, there are many more Groupon offers than Living Social ones.
- Quibids has launched a new series of TV commercials, which may help explain the strong search numbers in March
- the iPad 2 seems to be the juicy motivator for incent campaigns.

We hope this info can help all make better decisions for their businesses.

If anyone has any observations of their own, we'd love to hear them!


Mark from oDigger
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    The data you present is a good resource, but the trends in the data, which you sort of allude to, is even more powerful. Getting ahead of the curve instead of being a fast follower can mean the difference between making money and making a lot of money.
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    thanks for the share will help me out in the future.
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    Thank you for this info!
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    Originally Posted by oDigger View Post

    8. McDonalds (wtf?)
    9. Victoria's Secret
    10. Costco
    Fast food, Underwear, and Cheap Stuff?

    Seriously though, really interesting - thanks so much for sharing this!
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    Hey Mark,

    Nice share .

    I am sure this would help lots of marketers to have better understanding about affiliate marketing trends and opportunities .
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    Thank you ! As a newbie, having a list like this helps a lot. Now I have a much better idea where to focus my attention.
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    I have my weight loss blog on page one of google. Will implement some CPA offers now.
    Thanks for sharing this useful info though
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    great information. Good areas to watch, or stay away from I say
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    Great share thanks

    Please email me. Tyler has a great idea!!

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    Great Share MCD's searches are mainly for the coupons for free shakes etc I'm assuming or fat people are finally looking up the nutritional info
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    Good resources. I think, Games and Dating sections should be perfect for amazon affiliates.

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    Thanks for your share. odigger
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    This is really helpful. Staying up to date on top keywords searched will help you remain competitive and know which key words are becoming more popular.
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    Nice breakdown. This could certainly be a useful starting off point.
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