Can anyone Explain why IFW's are deemed as "FREE"?

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I am just starting to look at IFW's (Incentivized Freebie Websites)...

What I don't get is this concept of "Green" which means you completely fill out a referral - but to do that in many cases required you to actually purchase something - in some cases things that are expensive, and certainly expensive when you are trying to get large numbers of referrals and are trading others for them.

So how is this arranged as a business model? Are "Green costs" simply the cost of doing business, and if so, how is it set up so that profit remains at the end of the day?

Thanks for your advice and knowledge!

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    You actually can go 'green' for free.

    There are a number of free offers -, equifax, auto insurance quotes, etc.
    100% absolutely FREE!

    I have done it. I am sure many others have.
    I KNOW many others have!

    Just remember, there are only so many free offers out there to complete.
    And you will find, after doing the GOOD free offers, that 'free' offers add less and less to your credits making you green.
    Sometimes to the point of not being worth the trouble.
    OFTEN times!

    Basically, you will run out of free offers pretty soon.
    Then you will have to complete offers that cost money, in order to go green.
    It can be a hassle - finding an offer to do that is worth the cost of completing the offer, compared to the payout.

    This is where doing IFW offers becomes a TREMENDOUS headache, not worth the effort - considering the payout.
    You will have to search through ALL the offers to find ones that you haven't done before, that are worth the cost involved, and that actually will credit!
    (Many offers WILL NOT CREDIT!! This can be extremely frustrating and an unbelievable WASTE OF TIME!!).

    The trick of it all is, you green on as many sites as you can.
    THEN you pay others to do your offers for you, as your referral.
    When you get enough referrals, you get a bunch of money from the IFW site.
    That or a 'prize' - TV, Laptop, Ipad, Iphone etc.

    The money or prize is what makes it worthwhile to pay someone to do an offer for you.

    You can also get referrals by doing offers for another IFW promoter, who will do an offer for you.

    Either way, you just have to worry about your referral scamming you, or not being legit - doing offers more than once (strictly forbidden), or not doing an offer after you did one for them.

    At least one IFW referral swap site has protections for this, I am told.

    All in all I think its kind of a waste of time, but you CAN definitely make money, QUICKLY.
    Time, headache and money are the issues.

    But when you NEED money, it can be practical - doing offers.

    Just know that the REAL money in IFW marketing is getting referrals to do offers for you.
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    These 'IFW' sites have evolved and now they are called 'Instant CPA Programs'. This new approach is a much better concept I think. It makes the whole process much easier I think.
    Instant Money Network is the simplest gateway to the offer portal 'Instant Rewards' that I have found. There are other good programs but many of them attach their additional links to mlm companies they are apart of to the original offer. Needless to say it can be confusing and it takes a while to sort it all out, but I did. And Instant Money Network is one of the simplest systems I've found. There are others but this is a good one.
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