The direct connection between IM and lack of sleep?

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When you were all starting out, and possibly still today, how often did IM cause the very late nights?
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    Internet marketing requires lot of hard work and dedication. Many tasks you need to finish on your own and they are time consuming. Many internet marketers start out without a budget and that's more hard way to take.
    I started out spending 18 hours per day and for long time. Now I am outsourcing some tasks to save my time and to be able to focus on the most important parts in my business .
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    Originally Posted by Nick2910 View Post

    how often did IM cause the very late nights?
    Very, very, very often
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    Extremely often! More often then usual.

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    More often than usual. But I want to mention a point here since I think it is mandatory to all IMers!

    I want to ask a simple question? Why did you choose to become an IMer? I did it since I wanted to be free! yes, free of being nervous about my day job. Free of being financially ******-off ! Free of being forced to work 8-5!

    What would be the benefit of internet marketing to me if I imprison myself in front of the computer. I recommend all IMers to have daily plan! Never overwork! Just work and work smart! If you decided to work 5 hours a day, then do work! never hang around, surf the internet, or read too much material that you already know!

    Being productive is much more important than being hard-worker. I'd prefer to work 5 hours a day productively (on my lading pages, campaigns, products, websites) instead of reading blogs and forums for 10 hours!

    ~ Omid
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    Almost all successful IMers have put lots of time and effort in the beginning of IM career .

    It is almost mandatory to work very hard until you crack a system that can make you money .
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    I had insomnia before I started IM. Now I never sleep. When I do its only for a few hours, but feels like much longer.
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    In fact, I've had insomnia, so it can definetely become a problem!

    Nowadays I'm very well organized and I no longer spend nights in front of my computer. I'm not losing money because of this and I've been sleeping very well. So don't let your business kills your health, get organized and make money without damaging your body and mind.

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