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I have just made my very first ad with facebook. It is just a simple clickbank product about improving a golf swing. I followed instructions from a WSO that said you don't need a landing page and can directly link. I wasn't sure if that was true but I tried it out anyway. The ad was approved but when I tested to see if the link worked, facebook gave me a notice saying that is is potentially harmful site or something like that. So does that mean I need a landing page?

If so any suggestions? Word press, weebly? or actual domain?

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    no u can do it.. he product which u are promoting that page may have got attack...
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    When I tried going to the site via the ad, it came up with this "Website reported for spam, malware, phishing or other abuse".

    So should I scrap the ad and choose a different product?
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    why don't you try a different product? if you are getting good ctr and most important your ads was approved. may be the next ads won't be on the spot and they may disapprove it. Facebook reviewers are very funny when it comes to approving the ads.
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    Yes, I'd try a nice pre-sell landing page. There are many templates out there! I believe WP has a plugin that is very helpful for making a landing page.

    ~ Omid
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      Its not Facebook fault might be possible that the page is infected by some other trojan virus and its very harmful for any PC. might be you must first check your website with Mecafee which the best antivirus for website.
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    thank for shared. I like this site
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    Try a different product perhaps?
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      use some domain and redirect to your offers by which you dont want them to review your ad again.
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        You have a number of options here. First off you definitely don't need a landing page, but they can often help it really depends.

        As others have said, try a different product if the site is flagged as a bad site for some reason. A lot of people ran into issues using Tracking202 as their links were in the t202 domain and it was blacklisted. In those cases the ads simply weren't approved. In this case it sounds like your ads are approved, but when the user clicks they get a warning first?

        If so, you have two options. First, change the offer. If you can find a similar offer that converts similarly, you'll be ok. However this isn't always the case. Make sure there isn't any issues with the offer or offer page, because if there is, you likely need to change the offer no matter what, that will solve this particular issue.

        If everything is on the up and up, I'd personally setup a landing page rather than redirect depending. If this is an offer that requires a purchase or credit card info, you'll typically have better luck on Facebook with a good presell page. This way you kill 2 birds with one stone as you also will avoid the warning page.

        Hope this helps.
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