A little bit tired of cpa guru's

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Ok I hate to be a hater, but I have been on this forum for a while and I feel like anyone here with any real rep can feel me. What's with the new surge of gur's who only got like minus 100 post? I mean every other day there is a post like let me show how to make dadadada with cpa but im new here for less than a year with noe real credit at all. Look this fourm id for helping and this section is for those who have some kind of understanding of how marketing works. This is not the place to pimp your coaching programs. You should start a wso for that. but the thing is half of you wont even join war room to even launch a wso not to mention the lack of post and rep you have. Al I'm saying is get a name fisrt before you decide to hit the forum with promises to help with cpa. Maybe this is a rant but its long due. Earn your yer way here Boyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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