adscendmedia is working?

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some proofs? is a good network adscendmedia?
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    Adscend are a solid network. I have been with them for about a year and a half now. A lot of incentive and international offers. Have always paid on time.
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    They are one of the good network, i have been with them since past few months, and got paid in time.
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    I just jump on with them so I dunno yet. About two days ago. I ran two email/zip video game offer. Got 8,000 clicks and 0 leads. Lol thats a tough one.
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    Adscend Media is a great CPA network. They pay and their offers are legit.
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    Originally Posted by vikasone23 View Post

    Please somebody help?????????

    I am planning to start ppc. and registered with adscendmedia.

    I want to know how to find top converting offers in this network?
    PPC won't work with any of the incent offers directly.

    I suggest with Adscend you create a website, develop content or a product that someone will want. eg. a guide to a game you have developed or similar. Put the Adscend file gateway in front of it. Then drive traffic to your website.

    PPC and Adscend incent will fail if direct linked.
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    Adscendmedia is really good. I am using it last few month and already paid
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    it is a great network
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    Adscendmedia is great network. They have very good offers and I like their gateway.
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