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You know how you will receive a link to promote from max bounty or other cpa right? How do I get the link? I found 1 campaign but I do not know how to use it
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    Does the the link have an offer id number? If so you can search using that offer id # and pull it up.
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    choose your traffic type and it will provide you with the link to use for that traffic type for that offer.
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    As CPApromoter stated you will need to decide what type of traffic you are going to use for the campaign.
    Once you've decided and have found an offer there will be an option to choose the creative you want, this will provide you with the links, banners, email templates etc. you will need.

    Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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    It's not really super clear on Neverblue for a straight up affiliate link on some offers.

    You can just pull the link out of one of the banners though and use that for a text link if you're stuck.

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    login, check it out and press generate link.
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    Thanks! Got it working.
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    How did you even get accepted to max bounty? I remember way back than I got declined from them when I had 2 years of experience in IM.

    Crazy stuff.
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