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G'day all,

I was looking at my facebook ads earlier and one of my ads has a reccommended CPC of $0.02-$0.03.

Have the facebook Gods smiled upon me?

My average CPC that I was paying (for only 2 clicks, mind) was $0.65. My bid was $0.95.

Here's some stats:

Reach: 844 (out of 291,740) Freq: 2.0 Clicks: 2 CTR: 0.120%

The Recomended CPC just yesterday was something like $5 or something ridiculous like that.

Is it because I had an awesome day yesterday, which caused a butterfly effect - making everything in my life that little bit better? Or is this a mistake?

Thoughts appreciated.

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    I know I've had a CPC of $0.03 and $0.04 on quite a few ads after tweaking. I can't remember what the suggested bid was at the time but I think it was around $0.05 to $0.10.

    Anyways, give it a shot, try reducing the bid and see what happens (I'd still go a little above suggested though). Worst case scenario you'll have to raise your bid again or test new ad variations to get the CTR up & CPC down again.

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    So go the 4 cent bid you reckon?

    I'll give that a shot and see where it lands me.

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    Contact me on here to get started.
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    probably a system bug
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    one of my current ad Suggested Bid is $1.95 - 3.98 USD and i pay 0,01$
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