My selected CPA networks that pay on time

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There are many CPA networks out there but only a fraction of them pay on time. Delaying of payments are due to various reasons, but as an internet marketer, I am always in favor of networks that pay on time. This selected list of CPA networks are partly based on my experience and partly from the experience of fellow marketers and reviews.
1. above all offers
2. peerfly
3. epic direct network
4. maxbounty
5. cpapath
6. wolf storm media
7. neverblue
8. w4
9. clickbooth
10. wolf storm media
11. coprosper
12. adknowledge
13. profit kings media
14. partner weekly
15. monetizeit
16. cpaflash
17. commission junction
18. marketleverage
19. EWA private network
20. Ndemand affiliates

If you have any favorite networks pay on time and want to add it to the list, please respond.
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