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Hello My Dear Warriors

This is a very basic and a sort of in-depth look into creating CPA campaigns with Facebook ads.

I hope you like it

Here goes:

Start off: If you've never used Facebook Ads before, I advise you to spend sometime looking over the Official Facebook Ads Guide.

Facebook Advertising URL:
Advertising | Facebook

A lot of things with Facebook Ads can be easily figured out, so I'm going to discuss some of the major factors that will determine whether your campaign may be profitable or not.

These factors are:
1. Images
2. Likes & Interests
3. Country

The majority of what I'm discussing relates to increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR). You ALWAYS want to increase your CTR, because when you increase your CTR your Cost Per Click (CPC) goes down.

CTR means the amount of people that click your ad per every 1000 times your ad is shown. Clicks [divided by] Impressions [times] 100 = Your CTR
This simply means that if your ad is shown 50,000 times and you get 60 clicks:
60 / 50,000 x 100 = 0.12 CTR

If your CTR is 0.1, Your CPC will likely cost you $0.50
That means you get: 200 Clicks for every $100 you spend


If your CTR is 0.5, Your CPC will likely cost you $0.04
2500 Clicks for every $100 you spend

One Campaign will make you TONS of money, and the other campaign you'll lose money, which is why you always want to be increasing your CTR.


The 3 main factors to a successful campaign.

1. Images
This is extremely important! This is the material which showcases your offer.
Your images are you primary way to increase your CTR. You will never know what images work best, so always gather up 50+ images when testing a campaign.
After your first test, take whatever images work well, and make/get more images based off the images yielding the highest CTR.

Some Image Tricks:
- Add thick and thin borders
- Place images backwards or upside-down
- Use peoples faces (celeb/recognized faces = high CTR)

Where To Get "Fresh" Images.
Fresh images are images that people don't see everyday, let me show you my top 3 resources.
- http://www.deviantart.com
- http://www.gettyimage.com
- Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing
Then you have Google & Bing images as well.

2. Likes & Interests
Using this field when creating Facebook Ads is KEY. It allows your to narrow your targeting down very selectively which is how you can triple or quadruple your CTR.
For eg: You can promote Cooking/Food Offers to people who "like" "The Food Network", "Sushi", or Famous Chefs.

The ideas are endless when using Likes & Interest, just be creative!

3. Country
The country you choose to promote your product in can greatly affect your CTR, CPC and conversion rate. Traffic in the United States is obviously way more expensive then traffic in Eastern Europe! So sometimes it makes sense to promote international affiliate offers. This is where your research comes in. Make sure you get your ads translated!

One of the best translation software's I use is:
http://www.onehourtranslation.com - They're amazing, you can get anything translated in hours, it's cheap and very effective.

I hope this helps alot of new people entering the world of CPA with regards to paid campaigns on Facebook. Trust me- the outlined steps above are keys to building a great converting campaign.

To our success!
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    Thanks, hsk2010. And when your WSO coming?
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      Thank you very much. It really helped.
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    Love it, Informatics thread
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    Wow that was actually very helpful thank you
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    Placing ads and making money is all about being creative and engaging your users. Once you can accomplish that then there is no turning back and watch your $$$ grow!
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    simple & straight to the point. This will definitely help out newbies
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    Very important tips and information about facebook advertising. Thanks a lot for this.
    Keep your environment neat and clean
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    Nice tips Hana

    General tips like this motivate people to get started in areas they might not have considered beforehand.

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    This Thread is a very useful one for newbies. Anyone can double check with these compulsory methods when we involve with FB ads.

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    I guess the only way the above information can prove useful for one is when you actually implement it...I spent almost 2 years just thinking about implementation and wasted those two years
    Now I look back and think..only if I had taken action...
    Therefore it is my most sincere advice for all newbies to take instant action even if it is just $20 that you would spend, but go ahead and spend it and that's when you'll see the results.
    This is what I always teach my students-take instant action
    Good Luck and here's wishing everyone immeasurable success
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      What's facebook PPC though? seems like itd be high.....and for a simple email submit or couple dollar product......if it's 25+ cents a click, seems a little tough to just jump into, but choosing the demographics feature would most definitely prove very useful

      -Jeremy Shawaf

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    Hey Hana,

    Thanks for sharing these great tips on promoting successfully with Facebook Ads. Newbies should take note of this information and TAKE INSTANT ACTION!

    All the best,

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    thank you.. usefull!
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