Who's using Facebook fanpages with CPA marketing and making a killing??

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I haven't really gotten to facebook fanpages for cpa marketing i just want to know if CPA offers convert well in facebook promoting VIA fanpage?

Any warriors making money using fanpages ill appreciate your help?

sincerely, John
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    One method that you can use is making a Facebook account and adding as more friends as you can then create a fan page and suggest it to your friends. There are lots of method on how to add targeted friends and how to make 4999 friends in one month.

    Just Google it and you'll find the solution.

    ~ Omid
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    I wouldn't say I've made an killing with facebook pages but it does work and I'm lazy but made $100 from using pages. If you need some tips, send me a message anbd I'll help you
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    Yes, CPA offers do work with Facebook fanpages. It depends on how you use the fanpages, how you get traffic, and the quality of your traffic.
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