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Been researching landing pages and decided I am going to make my own. I have no problem coding or designing, and I know the aspects of creating an attractive landing page (plus I've read a lot of guides). The only thing I have a question about is the "call-to-action" part of the landing page.

For example, lets look at the different kinds of offers:
- Email/Zip/Address Submit (some require confirmation)
- Software Downloads
- Trial Offers
- Sales

What exactly do I do for the "call-to-action" for each type. Landing pages usually have some information to fill out themselves --> do I redirect people after submitting that information (through the submit button etc), OR do I iFrame the actual offer form onto the landing page? So for an affiliate offer for lets say (a money making website), would I need to create my own landing page and should I redirect the individual OR iFrame the sign-up form into my landing page :S? PLEASE HELP!

Do you guys only create landing pages for products/sales that have a high CPA payout?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and would resolve a lot of stuff in my mind.
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    I create landing pages for various offers, not only for the ones with high payout.

    Regarding iframing, ask your AM, some advertisers dont allow iframing. Every LP I built was using a call to action that points to the CPA offer, so the process looks like this: ad-> landing page (user clicks on cta) -> cpa offer

    the job of your LP is to "pre-sell" the user so he would be more inclined to complete your action when he ends up at the advertisers' page

    is that what you're asking for?
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    YUP!! Thanks . Arite, I think I've got some of the information down, just gotta go over it all again in my head... whew, so much to know and absorb. What kind of redirect do you do? Also, for lets say download offers, can you just implement the download link on your own landing page? Sales/Trial offers I understand the concept of personal landing pages. What about the email/zip/address submit offers (the ones that pay $1+), and are related to lets say money making (e.g.,, is it better to build a separate landing page for EACH offer, or perhaps a minisite, or perhaps to direct link? Is it a waste of time to build a landing page for these small offers -- minisite would be better (e.g., a site displaying a lot of ways to make money).
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    Don't over complicate it

    Look at the merchants landing pages for the offer, that will give you a good idea for what calls to action you should try experimenting with..

    As for which offers to use a LP with - any and all..
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