Help making first website to get accepted into CPA network!

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Hello everyone, I have finally found it in me to start making money online, been studying everyday for 2 years and a half, and today I made a plan to start. I have figured out that I want to definitely get into CPA marketing. I understand I don't have to have a website, to get accepted, but as I'm starting out, I thought id build my first site towards CPA. My question to you is, do I just choose a particular niche, say fitness for men, and how would I show to the network that I am promoting offers, if I can't access them in the first place? I have bought hosting and a domain and have been ready to start since morning but that has been playing in my mind, as I have been writing all day fresh content for my site, but thinking at the same time, how will I show that I am promoting offers, when I cant even access them or know what they even are etc. Please somebody help clear my mind! Thanks guys.
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    Hello uberdude,

    Since you have decided to buy the domain name and started with your website content there is nothing much to advise you on that matter, Just do your keyword research to find keywords with high daily searches and low competition.

    It really don't matter if you have ads running on your website or not. What a CPA network look at when they check your website is the traffic and not the ads or how fancy is your website looks like. They look at the domain age, Traffic quantity and countries of your main traffic.

    As you said its not required to have a website to apply for CPA networks so just be honest and say things as they are, That you are just starting out and you want to work this network because they are legit and have a good reputation and explain how you will be driving traffic to their offers ex: SEO, PPC, PPV etc..

    I advice you to apply for PeerFly and Maxbounty at first hand because they are newbie friendly and legit networks.

    You can read more about CPA networks at this website 600+ CPA Networks and Publisher Affiliate Networks Reviewed //

    Good Luck
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    To get accepted to a CPA network all you need to do is create a website that is focused on internet marketing and believe me you will get access and find it pretty easy to get into most networks that way.
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      hmm cheers guys, well this has deffinately put a hold on things, really now im thinking im not ready when i thought i was, studying this for 2 years, and feeling more confused then ever, anyone know of any good info to start again with, any guides etc. Thanks guys.
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