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Hi there, I am a newbie from China. but I really learn many skills from my friends hippo, such as drive traffic from fb or directcpv. I think I'm ready and I decided to start from some awesome company, so I applied peerfly and affiliate. Unfortunately, I'm from China so it was rejected. Now I have no idea, How can I be approved? I have no website, what I need is an awesome offer to promote.

Need your help. Thx!
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    If you got declined from Peerfly, please take a look on this article, written by @Luke the affiliate manager of peerfly http://www.lukepeerfly.com/peerfly-application-denied

    Also you can contact @Corey, always there to help and can further guide you...
    Best CPA Network with daily payments. Join Peerfly Today!
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    Hi Slowyanjie!

    There's a lot to learn when it comes to internet marketing so take your time!

    You mentioned you applied for an affiliate offer. Was this through Clickbank?

    There are lots of good websites you can use to make money but I would be wary of sites promising instant profits. Internet marketing does take some work.

    I'm new here so I can't yet post links but there are some good website you can use. You're welcome to message me on this site.

    Good luck

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    I know plenty of people from Asian countries that´s been accepted into cpa-networks.. Don´t give up..

    Maybe u can find a Joint Venture solution with someone instead... ??
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    I will not go after for all fields, but i just want to tell you. DON'T LIE TO AM. DON'T LIE TO WHOLE NETWORK. LIE IS NOT GOOD. I'm telling that from my experience. So believe me, if you will start lie about yourself, it will be bad for you, you could loose your profit/money.

    Give them genuine details, tell them what is your experience ( WITH NO LIES. )

    When i was registering first time to CPA network, i just told them, i'm totally newbie in CPA. But i know how work with SEO,PPC and other marketing methods, so in my opinion i should start work with CPA and dont loose theese simply making money!

    After i completed application, i directly called to CPA network.

    Be yourself, be honest, and you will get approved.

    Good luck mate
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    Thank you all guys. These reply really help me and encouraged me. I try to PM somebody but I must have 50 post first.
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      These guys are right, don't give up.
      If you are having trouble signing up for cpa, just call them them. All they looking for is somebody real.

      Affiliate links aren't allowed.

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    why not you go into facebook and like their page? try to post in there for assistance? probably that's a better start
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