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It's always better and more effective to find a method that actually worked with someone else than trying to make your own method. For this reason, today I will share with you guys some really brilliant ways to find OTHER PEOPLE'S METHODS that actually WORKS.

Before we continue, I'd like to remind you of some important points :

● There's no "Magic method" - There are methods that can work, and methods that can't. And when a method can work, that means you have to MAKE IT WORK, you need to keep working on it till you see the money coming !

● SPIN - It's much more powerful to add your own changes or improvements to the method, just make sure not to make any critical changes to it. Also, I found it's much better if you first just follow the exact method, then to make improvements to it. (Ready-Fire-Aim strategy)

● Pick 1 method, then work on it till it actually WORKS or FAILS, just don't switch to another method when you are still between!

● Don't over-plan before trying a method - It's important to know what you are doing before starting, just make sure you are actually PLANNING and not PROCRASTINATING.

After you SAVE the above points in your brain, we are good to go :
CPA Bypass Websites

For both CPA publishers and advertisers, these websites are a disaster as people can easily bypass the CPA gateway on your website just by putting your CPA page URL there.

But, let's look at the good side - with a smart use of these websites, you can find 1000s of GREAT CPA methods others are doing as some of these websites let you see the list of websites which people tried to bypass.. and that's a golden list because it gives you tons of CPA WORKING ideas, you can tell they work people are trying to bypass it.

There are many CPA-bypassing websites, but BlockCPAlead.com is the biggest, and the good thing is that it lets you see last 1000 bypassed websites here.

Just check the list and if you see a website repeated more than once in that list, that means that the website is getting a really nice traffic. (Though every website in that list will open your mind for new ideas)

Another way to find CPA websites using BlockCPAlead.com is simply by Googling :


You can find websites with a CPA gateway simply by Googling the right stuff :
"fill a survey to" or "download" or "get"
"complete a survey to" or "download" or "get"
"fill a survey to continue"
"complete a survey to continue"
"fill up a short survey" and "free"
"complete an easy survey"

*If you found more good ones, feel free to add it in comments.
*In 90% of the cases, the results you'll see are just forums, yahoo answers or other stuff talking about the CPA website.. That's totally fine, just visit these pages to find the CPA website.


In the last 2 years, YouTube has been banning spammers massively whenever a red flag is raised.. and I believe they really achieved their goal - to put spammers away. And that's one of the reasons for the new big spam invade on Facebook.

For that reason, many of you forgot how powerful YouTube marketing can be, and now with less spammers it's even easier.. There is still BIG MONEY in that cow, so let's find it.

To find ideas for promoting CPA stuff on YouTube, just search one of the following :

"fill a survey"
"fill" "survey" "download" or "get"
"complete" "survey" "download" or "get"

* Sort the videos by "View count" to see the best working ideas.
* When you upload a video to YouTube, make sure to choose a short but keyword rich title, huge description and relevant tags.
* Pay attention to the video's upload date before deciding to go with the method. A 2k views in 1 week video is much successful than a 10k views in 1 year video.

After you found the website, just repeat the idea with YOUR SPIN, and if you can't guess the website's traffic source here are few things to help you finding it:

SEO : The website traffic might just come from SEO, to check that use Yahoo's Backlink Checker, if you see that there are many websites linking to it, then probably the webmaster is working on SEO, cause not many websites naturally links to a CPA-blocked webpage.

YouTube : The website might also depend on YouTube traffic, to check that go to YouTube and search the website URL, just make sure you put it in " " (e.g. "wizims.com")

Other sources : If you are sure that the website's traffic is not SEO neither YouTube, you can still see where is the webmaster posting his website's link to get the traffic. To do that just google the website's link (e.g. "wizims.com") , then you can see where is that website links placed. (Same for webpages!)
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Good Luck
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