3 clicks in 3 days. Hmmm...

by akazzz
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Hello warriors,

I have just recently got accepted into a cpa network namely affiliates.1stclasscpa. However, I've been promoting offers which only needs an e-mail submit. Usually those ipad & iphone offers.

After posting to 10 free classified ads in the US, I have only gotten 3 clicks in 3 days. I'm not sure if this is a normal start for a newbie affiliate. Everyone usually says starting out is not easy and you won't be making money at the start,etc but can it be this bad?

What am I doing wrong? Is it the link that I'm posting? I'm using the Tracking link url. Besides that, I don't know... I'm lost...

I tried contacting my AM but he just doesn't reply me. He replied me once but after that he's gone.

Any help, tips & advice will be excellent !

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    First of all the network doesn't allow CL traffic.Already that method is saturated long ago to gain some signups it depends upon your ad format.You shud not use your tracking link directly cloak it....
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    Yes, you need to clock you links so the advertisers don't know where are the leads coming from. Use simple URL Shortener or prosper.
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      Link cloaking definitely makes the link looks much more professional !!

      Unfortunately, I use url shortener for all my advert links but 3 clicks in 3 days is a bit demotivating for an email submit offer
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        Originally Posted by akazzz View Post

        Link cloaking definitely makes the link looks much more professional !!

        Unfortunately, I use url shortener for all my advert links but 3 clicks in 3 days is a bit demotivating for an email submit offer
        Yes it could get you banned. Keyword there "could".

        There is more than 1 way to hide tracking. Some ways safer than others. I suggest you find the safest and use it. And do not abuse it imo. Maybe for a bit of inspiration to get you started but ideally you want to get your networks as quality leads as possible. For both their sake and yours.

        With that said. 3 clicks is nothing. But I don't think you really did a whole lot. Just the way you did it seemed to have little to no strategy.

        Think STRATEGY. Act deliberately. You have to spend proper time getting things set up right so they have a smoother start. What are you doing just making posts on CL like "I won a free IPad & you can too!" or "Get free IPad here". Anything the sounds spammy creates resistance in peoples behavoir. Do something original & sly. I'm sure you can think of something 10 times smarter than what you're doing now (I just drive myself crazy thinking and looking for other ideas people did that inspire me, but looking for other ideas alone will help build your skillset). And thats all it really comes down too imo. See the matrix. Test it. Build strategy. Scale it up. Maybe you can kiss success too who knows?
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    I really don't recommend you to get started with CL... It could get your accounts banned with the CPA networks. However, if you decide to do so, make sure that you check with your affiliate manager to know if they are ok with that type of traffic.

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    Learning also. Having the same question. Will try prosper202
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    Have you thought about creating a site to pull in natural search engine traffic or ppc traffic and having these offers on your site?
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    Your best bet is honestly to stay away from cl all together, you're most likely asking for problems if you keep using them. Just keep reading up on these forums for other traffic generation methods, there are literally hundreds, thousands if not more. You don't want to lose your hard earned leads so make sure you fall within the tos of the networks and offers.
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