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    Wow... this is an awesome method.

    How many games at once were you using, and how much did the hosting cost to support all that?
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    10 000 players daily..

    In my opinion it requires quite high investment, because Online game servers competition is always high.
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    Many game servers also offer benefits for paying members. For example, many Source Engine Shooter (Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress) servers have mods running where paying members have more health, do more damage, are faster and stuff like that. Just $5 a month to be better players without actually having more skill! Pay Now!
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    Can you do this with a server that you own? I have one in my closet that could go to good use. is it dependent on how fast your upload/download speed is?

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    Nio93 that's genious bro! This sparks some ideas..
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    Great Man ... Thanks for Share This Method
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    Originally Posted by Nio93 View Post

    This is a trick I do, it may not be for everyone but it definitely works.

    Heres Where CPA Comes In:

    I used to broadcast my website with a globalized script every 12 hours that would pop up on your screen in Red Letters that told everyone online that there was an "Event" all you have to do is visit this website, and complete the CPA offer(s). Most players would jump at the opportunity of this, then I would set the server(s) to be "Double Experience of 6 Hours" or "Double Loot Rate". This made my server really popular and unique while It generated me a pretty decent CPA income.

    Now, there are numerous game servers others easy to create, others more difficult. This was just an example. I've also done this with adsense, and content locking networks. Hopefully this sparks some thoughts.
    Excellent method!

    Could you explain what is an "Event", "Double Experience of 6 Hours", "Double Loot Rate"?

    Also, since an "Event" requires players to fill out a CPA offer, do you only use CPA offers that allow incentivised traffic?

    I heard people into "World of Warcraft" can be quite fanatical. Have you ever experienced a backlash from the "World of Warcraft" community for having strings attached?
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    I used to do something with game servers with Counter-Strike 1.6. The hosting was quite expensive but once the server got popular and I had a nice community of players built up, I would sell admin privileges in the server for $15/month and with around 30 admins I was making a bit of cash. Not enough to keep me very interested though :/

    It takes a LOT of work to start up a server and get it populated. For pretty much any game.


    Originally Posted by 52.ct View Post

    I heard people into "World of Warcraft" can be quite fanatical. Have you ever experienced a backlash from the "World of Warcraft" community for having strings attached?
    I have a bit of experience in the WoW field too and with private servers, people hardly ever mind the strings attached! This is the thing about WoW, it's highly addicting to people who get into it. If you offer them some way to get better (faster leveling, better items), I highly doubt any of them would turn down doing some free CPA offer!
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    This doesn't sound like an easy strategy (I would have no idea on how or where to start a game server), but it's very, very creative! And creativity is essential in this business!

    Thanks a lot for sharing, mate!

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    wow. that's very interesting. never heard of any thing like this before. thanks for the share pal
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    From old times , i was creating Mu-Online, Lineage 2 and other game servers, that was one of the best way to promote offers. Really.

    But believe me, it's not so simple to being one of the best server ( with many people online ) in the internet.

    It requires investment, not small investment.

    You need server.
    Knowledge of MSSQL. ( basic. )
    And you really need money for advertising.

    When money come to this game - you can do anything. Many of server owners don't use money for advertising , because many of them do not have money to do that, so they just posting links to forums and etc.

    What i'm offering from this,

    try to research servers, research if possible to do something better from this server. Research competition, think how to attract more people to play.

    When you do that, try to find owners of this server ( that's not so hard. )

    And offer them a DEAL! You invest to server and in return you are going to make money from cpa offers( or anything else. )

    It's more easier to make money fast than you have a deal with established server!

    Good luck who trying this.

    P.S. you can promote servers over offline marketing too!! That's so powerful. ( I'm talking about schools, school flocks and etc. )

    P.S.S. Sorry for my bad english
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    Thanks for sharing
    No matter how much you love someone, you still want to have you own way
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    Wow it seems to be very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing mate.

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