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dont think Bing allows direct linking
Tried and advert with a maxbounty link
No luck
Keep getting "The ad does not meet Microsoft adCenter editorial guidelines" and a red box around my destination url
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    Bing does allow directlinks, but not if you move into niches like biz opps and weight loss
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      Its not either (although thats for the info as I was thinking of that)
      Its a sports email submit offer
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    As far as i know, Bing doesn't allow most email submit offers. Try using a lander if you still want to promote email/zip submits on Bing.
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    still wasnt able to get it to work
    I may contact them and ask

    have though set up a different campaign with Bing

    So far no clicks but 220 impressions

    The campaign is just set for UK and I know bing UK traffic isnt very high

    But was looking at its research keytword tool
    and the stats dont make sense
    In niches that are meant to get 20,000 searches a month even if I bid a 3$ a click I only get 15 clicks a month with is seems way too low
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    If you can't find a reason why just create a new campaign and submit it. They'll usually approve it.

    Sometimes the reviewer will deny it just because. But when you resubmit it you won't have any problems.

    If it gets denied again let me know and I'll see what I can do to help you out.
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    it was automatically rejecting my affiliate url when I entered it.
    I put in the real url to the site and it allowed it
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    Did you tried with shortened link ?
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    I used direct linking from Peerfly yesterday, There's no problem.
    It's not submit offer, and I used prosper202.
    Good luck!
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    They have disapproved a lot of my ads because of that.
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    I placed in the real url of the site as a destination url and it worked (obviously not what i want) but it auto rejects my affiliate url
    I am with maxbounty if that matters
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    Just build a landing page, it's not very hard and you can capture emails too!
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    Yea I prob will later
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    I spoke with Microsoft UK about this the other day on the phone. They don't allow affiliate redirecting links any more. It may get auto approved, but you risk getting your account suspended for it (no good for direct linking to Peerfly or MaxBounty). I've created a bunch of landing pages and I point my ads towards them, and so far no problems. Just FYI, they like content rich landing pages.
    They offered to spend an hour on the phone with me (for free) to help me maximize the effectiveness of my campaigns. I was quite impressed.
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