My 7SEARCH Journey since Nov 15TH - Is It Working?

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Hi Everyone:

Thought I would post this, maybe it will help someone :-)

Signed up with 7search with $100 and they put in $75 so $175 ready to go.
Signed up with several Networks and started my first campaign.

First 1 a rebill in the skincare niche but the LP was a bit suspect so
paused it. 5 clicks Cost 0.43c.

Launched Campaign 2 with 2 Ads (to test copy)
Ad 1- 536 Clicks Cost $19.65- Conversions 1 @ $5.85
I made a crucial error here, 1 Keyword Cost $14.65 and it was such a broad Keyword it was getting clicks from everywhere, should have killed it earlier.
Loss $13.80

Ad 2 -754 Clicks- Cost $63.93 - Conversions 10 @ $5.85 = $58.85
Was getting to the bidding limit but hadn't any conversions since 25th Jan so with advice decided to Pause it.
Loss $5.08

Campaign No 3.
Email submit (Paused by advertiser) UK NETWORK
Again did 2 Ads - 198 Clicks - Cost $8.92 - Conversions 10 @ £1.10 = £11
which works out at about $17.60
Profit $8.68
Oh and with this 1 I was having trouble with tracking so I didn't even know I had made some conversions. Big mistake !!

Campaign No 4 launched 2 days ago
28 Clicks - Cost $5.51 - No Conversions
Loss $5.51

Campaign No 5 Launched 2 days ago
4 Clicks - Cost $0.35c - Conversions 1 @ $2.50
Profit $2.15

SO overall for 2 of my 6 Months the Statistics are:
Total Campaigns = 5
Total Clicks = 1525
Total Cost = $ 98.75
Total Revenue = $ 84.45
Total Loss = $ 14.30

Well that isn't really a loss because it has actually paid for 2 Months Practical Education in CPA. I have clicks and conversions, I have statistics that I can work with. Not bad eh!

I have made some bad errors, but I have learnt from them. Especially the Tracking, I need to study this more
it's vital for success.

OK so any comments would be appreciated Thanks
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    i think you have already found winners now time to scale up your campaigns and make $$$ out of it .Personally i wont care about that $14 loss at least you have learned some thing and specially this lesson DON`t EVER Bid On BROAD MATCH KWs . i learned this as soon as i started 7search thanks god
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    Same thing with facebook ads.

    You bid on broad target, you are finished.
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      WHOA!! I am bidding on Broad Match ??????????

      HMMM Maybe time to test Phrase then?

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        Originally Posted by michaelpotter View Post

        WHOA!! I am bidding on Broad Match ??????????

        HMMM Maybe time to test Phrase then?

        My suggestion is stick with exact
        BisnisOnlineZ - Indonesian Make Money Online Blog

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    I tried 7Search a while back and found little traffic with fewer conversions. BUT I'm told there are people that know how to use this traffic source with success. I think someone is going to do a webinar for all the PeerFly marketers showing how they use 7Search this coming week. I'm signed up for that.

    I remember a piece of advice from Chad Hamzeh about learning to master a traffic source first, then learn what types of offer work well with that traffic source. So if I can figure out what's working on 7Search, then I'll give it another go. But for now I've focused on the 1st tier traffic sources.

    Thanks for sharing about your campaigns michaelpotter!
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    Wow i've been biddin on broad match this whole time. What's the difference in terms of conversions?

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    Thanks for sharing the case study! would definitely help since I am trying to promote through 7search soon. Great tip I should target exact keywords.
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    Bonus: You will get 98 PLR products for you to resell at your own price! That is $1 per product!!
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    I found success with 7search by starting off with a larger list of keywords (2000+). Start bids low but enough to stay in 5-10 spots. Then begin weeding out the keywords with a low ctr and crank up bids on the ones that convert til you find the sweet spot.

    You'll need a slightly larger budget for this but will see some decent traffic will have a better chance of finding profitable keywords.

    Hope that helps,
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