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Hi guys!

Dont wanna keep going over the same subject but...

As a newbie that i am, what would you *more experienced* marketers recommend with regards to directions to take?

- Would you go with a coach such as Luke or similar (if any?)?
- Would you spend your budget on paid traffic with PPCFormula or similar?
- A combination of the above?
- Any other sugestions or advice?

Ive seen ppc-coach aswell, but id like mentoring and then getting into ppc later on once some cashflow is being made.

I know its a personal choice and that experience and repetition is mother of all skill, but i AM new and i want to avoid at least "some" pitfalls if possible.

I am a bit confused as to which route to take...:confused:
Hope the above makes sense.

Thanks for advice
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    I think you could find plenty of guides on CPA around the internet to not really need a coach. Of course if you find someone who is willing to help you out via instant messenger or something, it couldn't hurt. You could just read a blog that is all about cpa from start to finish and figure out that bloggers pitfalls, while making sure you avoid them.
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    Learn from the vast free resources on the internet. Dont stuff other people's pockets. It is possible to learn everything through self education and experimentation.

    Read forums and practice practice practice!
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      Originally Posted by RebeccaL View Post

      Read forums and practice practice practice!
      Right on spot, Unfortunately that is the only way to master PPC,
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      Originally Posted by ArthurRose View Post

      This, but I advise not experimenting with PPC. It can turn out costly
      exactly...unless of course you have a tremendous budget to burn through
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    if not with PPC,how to test and practice dis cpa??

    youtube?blackhat method?
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    PPC really will cost you a lots of money!!
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      Originally Posted by win292 View Post

      PPC really will cost you a lots of money!!
      Not really provided you have done your home work right!! You can always control the bids,
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    Luke, many people started with nothing and taught themself everything they know. You yourself probably started out experimenting and often that is simply the best way to learn.
    Personally I would prefer to spend $1000 on PPC and test various strategies than spend $1000 on coaching and ebooks. After all, what works for someone else may not work for you and 99% of ebooks and courses are not going to divulge exact strategies, niches and products that are converting for them - who wants to create more competition for themself?
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    I'd recommend starting slow and finding a program with hands on help from an expert..I use a program with video training every step of the way

    Latest alternatives to Leather Gym Gloves

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      Luke, contact me. I've been trying to get a hold of you for a while.
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    PPC can be expensive to learn or experiment with. I think a combination of self-study and personal coaching is the ideal way
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    If you want to play around with PPC you can sign up to Yahoo Search Marketing using the $199 rebate coupon (if still active - if not, search for a $100 or $75 dollar one) and you only spend $30 of your own bucks. Make sure you have an idea of what you're doing (Wealthy Affiliates have a lot of material on PPC or a free guide at wholovesmoney.com) and keep your CPC under 0.30c USD.

    "Your Perception Creates Your Reality"


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    Hey guys,

    can anybody enlighten me with regards to the following situation?

    Basically, i started a new campaign on google.

    I was getting a low rate of clicks but decent conversion.

    Next time i checked the campaign i noticed there was a discrepancy of around 100 clicks between Google's figures and the CPA network's figures.

    I know that the CPA network will never have the same figures as Google, and that Google registers "unique" clicks, etc, etc.....but the difference in clicks is huge here.
    For example CPA network 37 clicks - Google 137 clicks.

    I thought maybe someone was deliberately clicking on my advert repeatedly, but surely Google would pick that up?

    Can anybody offer some advice?

    I hope there's someone out there who is experienced and a normal human being, unfortunately so far i've noticed that a lot of people in the Warrior forum seem to spend most of their time bitching about a product or guru, or putting down "newbies" while displaying a certain air of superiority.

    Thanks for reading.
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      Wow, a 100 click difference. Well, some networks will "shave" a bit, but that's an awful lot of shaving. What network is it?
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        Hi Joshua,

        its Max Bounty, though i don't think its the network.

        Surely they wouldn't think they could get away with shaving off 100 clicks!

        I know they had a little problem with their servers recently, but i think that was minimal.

        I haven't got any good info from them or Google, so at the moment i'm doing nothing......can't afford to be paying for 100 expensive clicks for no return.

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    Could be click fraud....

    Way to much of a gap there buddie.

    You may want to get in touch with google?

    “It’s only after you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything.”

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