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So...tonight I am going to start my very first CPA campaign. Would have started this second but alas, I have some work to get done -_-' Anyways, I started reading up on CPA and it seems like the thing I wanna get actively involved in and as such I decided to join a couple of networks. This morning I got accepted into Peerfly.

I am now even more AMPED to get started!

Now, from what Ive read, the best place to start learning is with email submits and some form of traffic source. The two main ones I want to get started with is 7search and Facebook but with only $100 to start out with, I am not to sure on which one to choose.

I was leaning more towards 7search as they allow direct linking and for a beginner with no list building XP I thought that that might be the option for me.

What do you guys think? Any tips to help me out on my first voyage? What was your first XP in CPA?
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    Email submits on both those traffic sources is going to be difficult to make a profit. It is possible but I think you will struggle. For example you may pay $0.20 - $0.30 per click and your offer only pays $1.50. Therefore you need 1 conversion in 5 - 8 clicks just to break even...

    You could try some free traffic sources such as Youtube, Facebook Groups (If offer allows) for your email submits. You could setup a blogspot blog for free and have some articles and promote the webpage on a free source and hopefully get some visitors which convert to leads..

    If you do decide to go down the paid traffic route, $100 is not alot and you may want to look at other offers for foreign countries (cost per click wil be alot cheaper) although you won't find many email submit offers. I recommend you pick an offer like dating (free signup) that pays around $5 - $7 (maybe for Canada, Australia or NZ traffic) and try finding some nice dating demographics and go that way.
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      Thanks Rhys, really appreciate it.

      ...perhaps I should go with the free traffic sources, the Facebook Group source sounds quite delicious.

      Any good materials on that subject you might recommend?
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    I would go 7search intact i have written a guide here: http://www.cpafix.com/newbie411/ppcguide.pdf

    good luck and congrats on the peerfly account!

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    Good on you for taking action, I wish you good fortune with your campaign!
    Like other have said, email submits don't pay very much, and a beginner might struggle to break even. It always takes a bit of testing to find a profitable campaign or ad - you will have to test different ads for the same offer to find the one that performs best and then ramp it up.

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