Anyone Have Success Using YouTube And CPA?

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I have read about some cool methods using videos and CPA, but wanted some extra confirmation.

Is using videos to promote CPA offers against any TOS's, either YouTube's or the CPA network's?

Please share and discuss!
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    Some networks consider YouTube traffic is a social traffic type and will say it's ok for certain offers. You should ask your affiliate manager at every network you want to use this traffic source with as it differs from an offer to an offer (Some merchants don't allow a particular type of traffic).

    The method (Youtube + CPA) works great if you're persistent who makes videos every day regularly not just few videos.

    Yes it converts great if it's done properly.

    You should cloak, shorten or mask your link (Never direct link and don't post any affiliate links directly).

    You can also sponsor related high views videos in any niche you like or a whole entire channels if you negotiated with the channel owners.

    Use annotations at the beginning of the last 20 seconds which refers to the offer's link at the description.

    1 minute videos will be great.
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    It's pretty easy to make money on YouTube with CPA but a lot of it is grey area in terms of it being either black hat or white hat.

    To legitimately, honestly earn a lot of money with CPA via YouTube is a very daunting task...

    It's all about the money...

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    I have some great case studies on my site about making easy money with CPA and Yotube,

    check these out they may help a lot,

    Case Study Youtube Live Casestudy
    Case Study ImAdmirer's Live Method - Picking CPA Offer to YouTube Video
    Case Study ImAdmirer's $2000/Month, 100 CPA Offer Blast Personal Challenge

    its very easy and can be rinsed and repeated.

    Owner at Internet Marketing Deals and Coupons and Landing Page Guys, fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur, lover of Prosecco and LFC.

    More about me here.

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      Thanks for all the tips guys.

      Really appreciate it!
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    Some CPA networks don't allow all offers to be displayed through YouTube. Check the individual offer (where it can be marketed) for any limitations.
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    Always check with your AM to be sure, but this is allowed for most offers (assuming you're not spamming them or anyone )
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    It's monotonous, but you can make bank doing it. I know kids that are 15 years old, having three figure days, by never once spending a dime on anything. It really is a viable business model.

    The truth is, I could never grasp uploading hundreds and hundreds of videos to make a few bucks. I need to see faster results, but if you have patience, it is probably the best.

    Want to see $500 days? Click Above!
    I will guide you the whole way there.
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    You can do it, but there is some good advice up there. I'd probably recommend using youtube as a traffic source to a presell page then offer. Better conversions and you can do a lead capture etc. Consistency and value are important on there.
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      Awesome advice guys! Much appreciated!

      Is there any software available that can produce mass amounts of videos and upload them too?
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