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    most if not all weight loss body builder type sites stopped working on adwords ages ago, it is a bit like will the real Elvis stand up, just so much mis information out there its not funny. (and i am not referring your site is mis information), for the best part that site will not float on giiggle so i would give up and maybe look at alternate advertising platforms.
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    You could see if bing will accept your site, or you could try 7search or another 2nd/3rd tier ppc search engine
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      As said by ChrisBa, you should definitely try Bing. They are not as strict as Google (as of now). I have never tried this niche, but in some niches the ROI you will get from bing is far better than what you get from Google. So, try them and see for yourself......
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    You can also try CPV, that is a little bit expensive at the beginning but if done in the right way can bring you a good return.
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    I got a couple of accounts suspended by google because of my sites so I know use Bing which works out a lot more cost effective and are fine with the sites I use.
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    Originally Posted by rdogg12794 View Post

    Google sent me an email saying my site doesn't comply with their site policy. Google won't let me run an Adwords campaign for some reason my site is. if someone could tell me what's wrong with it
    Its because of two reasons having optin popup and then promoting affiliate products directly.

    You can get this same page approved in bing and 7search easily but while using bing I would recommend you to remove that pop up.

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    you can try 2nd tier ppc search engine.
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    Several of my accounts also got suspender by Google. Its very annoying. Though it was my bad. Learning from mistakes.
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    You can also try to become affiliate members of CJ, CB, aweber etc.
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    Make sure to follow what the google guidelines say and follow them. The best way is to make silo type sites for ranking.
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    If you call google they will tell you exactly what needs changing on your site, then make the amendments and call them again. They will put your site through manual approval.
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  • Yeah google has some strict TOS now n days. However - you need to understand how to effectively cloak - which will allow you to run anything on google and bing. Hit me up if you wanna discuss these tools. I have them and use them in my traffic buying business.
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