I am a newbie, but I am hungry to learn!

by Greige
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Hello everyone on Warrior Forum!
I am a total newbie to internet marketing, but i have been trying to learn as much as I can this past week. So far I am a little bit overwhelmed by all information. I was wondering if anyone has any tips, sources, mentoring or anything that help me guide through this crazy journey that I am going through right now.

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    LOL i am newbei To this forum !! lost lost LOL
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    You have arrived at the best place to get all the information that you need.

    Pick one topic and try to learn as much about it as you can.

    If you want to get mentoring: That is also possible but it can be somewhat pricey. If somebody offers mentoring for less that a few thousand dollars per month it is most likely crap. People that know their stuff make a ****load of money by applying their knowledge. If somebody can offer mentoring for cheap the advice is probably not even worth the cheap price.

    So, if you are not too well funded your best bet is to keep reading this forum and ask questions.

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      Ouch, at this moment I cant afford a few thousands But thanks for the advice!
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        Welcome, you are indeed in the right place. Do pick one thing,
        master it then move on.

        I'm in a coaching group right now. $97.00 a month. It is as good
        as a $1000.00 coaching. It also depends on who is teaching
        the information.

        This group is all about Facebook. The three guys that teach it are
        three of the biggest warriors on this forum

        I have taken coaching that is $5000.00. Coaching comes in many
        different price ranges. Again, it depends on who you are learning from.

        BTY, good luck.
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    If you are a newbie, you can start reading some general information on what IM is, how to build a site, install wordpress, buy a domain (about $12), buy hosting (you can start with $10/month). These would be the basics, after you build your first site, you can start getting some traffic to it, after this you should register to an affiliate network to get access to some CPA offers.
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    Develop a keyword list of phrases such as "Email marketing" or "affiliate marketing" and go put the hurtin on that search function!
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    Welcome to the forums. Try the search function and gather knowledge. Focus on one method at a time and you will start getting results. There are many free and paid methods available:
    Free methods include youtube,fanpage,twitter,forums etc. You need to signup for networks. Avoid scammy networks and join only topmost networks . You can search the top networks that are trusted here: CPA Networks
    When you apply for networks be honest with them and tell them that you are newbie. You must also create a blog,it is very useful though. Best of luck.
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    Welcome! It's easy to get overwhelmed here, too many ways and opinions of making money online. A lot of good advice been given, I would just add that you consider your personal strengths and experience, what interests or motivates you for example, this may help you find the right approach to being successful online.
    "Take Inspired Action!"
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    I've been at it for a few months now and sick of buying useless software.I know one way to make money online.....sell BS software to unsuspeccting newbies!!They've manage to con me into bankruptcy.
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    You are in the right place for starting your campaign. Move through this network and learn as much as you can.
    Learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, and Make Money Online !!!!!!!

    Keep your house pest free and be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Get Rid of House Insects. :)
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