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by ccx295
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Before understanding adwords and their policies etc. I opened two accounts.

one of them accounts has now been suspended. Roughly about a week ago (not the original account)

Should I be worried about my orginal account? still active.

its a real shame I didn't read their policies properly before starting all of this because I am worried I could of effected my future with adwords.
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    Chances are your second account will get suspended as well, they are very good with tracking down duplicate accounts
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    Your second account may be suspended as well. It depends on how many tracking routes you gave Google. I will not be going into details, as it could be considered blackhat, but you should never again sign in to your suspended account. If you pray and you are lucky, you might not lose your second account.
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    IF your banned by google the easiest and most legit way is to find a new advertiser. Sorry mate.

    You dont want to have a good month then have them not process payments

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      Originally Posted by flamewave View Post

      You dont want to have a good month then have them not process payments
      This is AdWords, not AdSense. The advertiser is spending money, not collecting them . Well, the advertiser should be collecting money :p, but not in the AdWords account, anyway.
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    There is nothing to get panicked. There are chances of both getting terminated but only if -
    1) You use the second account to promote the same site which caused suspension
    2) You link both accounts in some way - sending them signal that you are the same guy owning both accounts [ don't use same analytics tracking or same ip for login]

    Else, if you play a fair game with second account - you should be doing fine. And you can trust me on this as I have been there.
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    thanks for the input guys, as said I will not be using the same site to promote.
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    All you have to do is call them and explain the situation. You can reach the Adwords team via phone here: Contact Google AdWords - AdWords Help

    If you explain that you opened 2 accounts and didn't realize that was against their TOS they will probably let you keep the other account active as long as you don't do that again.
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