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This is just an example of an epic guide that EWA Private Network gives our freely to our affiliates. We believe in training our publishers on how to make money. We have over (75) similar guides with specific help on niches and traffic sources.
Gaming has been a silent but huge vertical. Check out some comments from other marketers, most of them will say that they kill it with dating or mobile. Just a little more than a handful of marketers run games and most of them run a few grand a day. The logic with gaming is that you need to find a good angle of attack. If you simply put a picture of the game, you are unlikely to succeed. Let's build on with a game that is similar to Starcraft or some other RPG. The online games we are talking about are generally MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (correct?). to get started, let's show them a screenshot of a scene in Starcraft A scene that is very important should be show as you picture. Resize the image to 110x80 and you have begun your quest.

We are about to target people who like Starcraft Use keyword targeting and target those who love Starcraft If you are bidding CPM, go for a small target, if you are bidding CPC, go for a wide range. Truth is, the cost per click which bidding CPM on the lower targets and CPC on the higher targets is more or less the same. The more precise you go, the more expensive the clicks. We show them a picture of Starcraft, the picture grabs their attention. Now we have a headline that says that the user gets a game similar to Starcraft A warning to you people, never say "Better Than Starcraft", or any other game for that matter. They love a game, they don't want something better than that, it might be better, it might not be, but they just don't want you to defame their game... try degrading Call of Duty in front of me... you'll know why!

Headline & Body
The headline should tell them that a game similar to Starcraft is available for play. Your headline must be eye catching. Don't use silly stuff or very small lines, never use "BEST"! a good headline would be - "Starcraft like MMORPG". Start off with at least 3-4 headlines like these and split test until you find the best combination.

In most cases, you might have a simple download or you might not have any download at all. Your body should state that. You could say something like - no download, click here and sign up now. I personally prefer using "click here" because some people have to be told. They will not click until you tell them. In case there is a download, say something like - click here to download and start playing for free!The word "free" opens up a lot of possibilities. It also helps you get more clicks and conversions.

Bidding (International and English Markets)
If you thought that bids for countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are sky high, then you are right. Bids are up over 80% in the last year and it's getting harder to make money - but that means only one thing: the weak affiliates are getting optimized off and the strong ones are surviving. Affiliate campaigns geared towards Facebook are still blowing up with huge traffic, conversion rates, and most importantly ROI's. The only change is that the bidding is not like the old days: you have to adapt and make changes. Facebook bidding now involves keyword bidding together with demographics. This lets people like us to laser target our audience, we get a high CTR, good conversion rates and positive ROI.

International bidding on Facebook is a somewhat different ball game. You rarely use CPC, you go with CPM, clicks cost pennies and volume rules. CPA rates are normally far lesser than English speaking offers although some are comparable. Clicks are in the range of .2-.5. Anything more and you're doing it all wrong. Here are my suggestions for international bidding:

Bid CPM - make sure your ad is good, test a bit with CPC if required• .

Volume is key - makes up for the low CPA.

Conversion rates vary - they are normally lesser than domestic offers, but some convert out of control. The cost of traffic makes up for the difference.

This niche does not involve a 1% CTR. You will get good to decent CTR's, but getting a 1% CTR is pretty hard, definitely not impossible. The reason is that people already like Starcraft, not many of them will want to try something else. Always split test with at least 3-4 images and headlines until you find a winner. Sometimes simple is better. Keep that converting image but give it a neon border. When everything on the page layout is bland, the human eye will automatically jump to the neon colors. The border does not have to be gaudy or consume half of your image, even relatively thin neon colors will draw the user's attention. Already have your banner pimped with a neon border? Add some imperfection; the human mind is constantly searching for this. When everything on the page is perfectly formatted and symmetrical, a slightly tilted image will register as an imperfection and the user's curiosity will be triggered.

We hope you enjoyed the newsletter! If so, don't even bother thanking us - the best thanks you can give is a referral. EWA is a private network and we rely entirely on affiliate referrals to grow. We have completely closed ot the doors on accepting new blood into our exclusive community - we need your help. Contact your account manager now for more information how we reward publishers for referring. We also would like to thank all our publishers for the business that you've sent over the years - we know there is still a lot of room for improvement and you have the full commitment of our team that we will continue taking your advice and suggestions to build a stronger network.
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