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If you have a problem with a CPA network, take it up with them, or in one of the venues where that is part of the mission.

Not here.

We've had way too many threads about problems with various networks. Payment delays, scrubbing of leads, blah blah, etc. I'm sure some of those complaints were legit, and equally certain some of them were bogus attempts to damage or blackmail a service or operator.

Determining the truth of these claims is not the business of a forum that has nothing to do with the transactions. Nor do we have the time or inclination to try. We also have no desire to aid the creeps who lie about these things to hurt someone's business, or who try to leverage this forum to blackmail someone into paying them money the network operator says is not owed.

There is also the problem of people using this forum to short-circuit the normal resolution process. Rather than going through the exchange of information necessary to figure out what's really going on, some folks have decided the fastest route to the end is to come in here and scream bloody murder.

No more. Take it somewhere else, please.

Special note to the "edge case advocates" : Don't try the old "nudge nudge, wink wink" strategy of hinting about who you have an issue with. And if there's a discussion of a general problem/concern/practice in the industry, don't point to one and single them out.

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    Hmm yeah , Warrior forum is not some thing like affiliate police or what ever and i do agree some people do try to do damage to a networks reputation and there are many reasons behind it like if someone drove fraudulent traffic to a network he will join WF and start creating threads . Also some networks also do pay people for doing damage to competition

    On other hand in case an affiliate posts here and his claim is valid i have noticed his problems get solved. Believe me there are some Networks and their Affiliate managers who at start when you join them will be very sweet with you but when they owe you money they will vanish,wont pickup your calls ,wont reply on IM or what so ever .....They wont pay you until you start posting about them on public forums . That`s my personal experience being a affiliate and being a blogger in CPA Industry.
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    I agree. If you have problem with the network, you should contact the network directly.
    It's fastest way to solve the problem.
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      Speedy (or are you KJ?),
      They wont pay you until you start posting about them on public forums
      I'm sure that's true. I suspect there are places that handle those things as part of their mission.

      The problem with letting that happen here is that it's also used to extort money that isn't owed, or to "punish" networks for not giving in to inappropriate demands. And we're not going to facilitate the sleazier uses.

      It's almost always true that, even when what the poster is saying is true, there are more details than are being disclosed.

      We're not going to try and sort it out. We wouldn't often have access to the information necessary to even form a solidly-based opinion, much less make those kinds of decisions for someone else.

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    I agree. If you have a problem with your CPA Network you have to contact them directly. It's the fastest way to solve your problems.
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    I do agree also. Sometimes there are other reasons that networks aren't sending payments whether it be suspicious activity or if it's on the advertisers side. Need to contact your AM ASAP instead of bashing their name on a message board. I've seen a couple post where they would claim they haven't paid then later on say something like, they paid me. And just as Ryan said, it is usually much faster to directly contact your AM.
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    Don't like it? We'll fix it. Don't have it? We'll get it.
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    I vote that this needs to be stickied. Threads popup every day that to this.
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    Excellent rule. There's too many a-holes out there that post complete fabrications just to further their own agendas.

    Good stuff.

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      I'll probably 'sticky' it, but it's better if the regulars read it first. It's too easy to become blind to anything above that line at the top of the section.

      I'd like a little feedback from some of the folks who aren't owners of or employed by the networks...

      Because of the topic, we've generally allowed companies a lot more leeway in their activities in this section than in any other. Do you folks find that helpful, or do you think that should be treated the same way we treat it in other sections. ie, Should we just delete the "ads" from network operators and employees?

      If that level of access and direct response is useful to the members, I see no problem with letting it continue, within reason. If it's distracting or creates other problems, I'm equally okay with deleting the promotional stuff.

      If you're not comfortable posting publicly on it, PM me.

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    Its noting but hurting other networks. In most of the cases people make their own mistakes for which they are not paid or face problem. But they blame the network. So this type of thread should be removed immediately. In some other forum they hide the network name with starts. (****)
    If Warrior can also do that then the number of spams will be reduced to a half.
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    There is no place in the world without problem,
    moon has it's own defect,and there are so one.
    For IM this problems are so silly, if it is your only income or hobby.
    But actually they suffer much ,who are familiar with this problem,
    For this reason I think and suggest every one earn a lot of knowledge and experience before starting IM.
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