why christian women don't convert on pof ?

by helpwz
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I think most of the christian women don't like christian men.
christian men's conversion is well.
why the christian women not.
I'm very confused.
could christian give me some suggestions?

I have never ran pof before so I am finding this very confused.
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    Women are much more dependent on their emotions when making choices. Men will click anything boobs on it. Keep that in mind when writing your ads for the sexes.
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      I agree with Justin. Sex always sells for men, Christian or otherwise because men (moreso than women) are aroused by what they see. Typically, Christian women are looking for Christian men who love Jesus like they do. They are looking for a man they can settle down with, who will treat them right.
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    Christian women don't convert on Wednesdays.

    Your numbers look good. 26 clicks isn't much, let it run some more.

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      why Christian women don't convert on Wednesdays?
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        Originally Posted by helpwz View Post

        why Christian women don't convert on Wednesdays?
        "Gullable" is also mispelled on Wikipedia, you should go check it out.

        I think he may have been joking...
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    You may want to run a different picture or wording for your ads targeting women.
    Try hitting some emotion strings for the women and hit the sex strings for men?
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    Look at Christian couples and what the guy looks like, his character traits and over all his body language. This alone will give you enough insight to create your ad.

    BTW... Interviewing people who you are trying to target with your ads, will give you a freaking gold mine of information.
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    Christians usually go to church on wednesday nights, sunday mornings, and sunday nights. Nuff said
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    This dude just opened up a barrel of worms.

    But, like Jim Rohn used to say, "I don't try to figure out any of that stuff". "I used to leave sleep over it, not anymore".


    "I just label it as mysteries of the mind"-Jim Rohn
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