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So after some bad luck with Facebook campaigns, I tried using 7search.

I've set up 9 campaigns with on 3 different offers, using some obvious keywords on most campaigns.

On 7 of the 9 campaigns i got like 100 clicks/no offer conversions but on 2 of the campaigns I got a few offer conversions.

On those 2 campaigns i used the same offer but other keywords.


On 1 of the converting campaigns i got:
Impressions:9,770 Clicks:310 Spend:$16.10
And the offer i used got 30 conversions wich paid me: $39.00
I think this is pretty good.

the second campaign got me 10 offer conversions
Impressions: 18,437 Clicks: 390 Spend: $19.50
And the 10 offer conversions paid me $13.00
So i lost $6.50 on that one.

Not that bad but how can i track wich keyword was used to make my offer convert?

All help Really Appriciated !
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    You can use ###KEYWORD### variable as your subid and that will allow you to track your keywords.
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    Ohh Thanks alot man! Really Appriciate it!
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      I would like to add to this that i also got a dating campaign running on 7 search wich has 553 impressions 1 click.

      and on this 1 click i got a conversion of $5.80

      i think this is just luck but ill keep the campaign up until i got like 100 clicks.
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    I haven't used 7 search in general, but i'm familiar with AdWords. Just make sure you are targeting very specific keywords, more buyer ones the better. Less impressions, but a higher CTR will work better for your conversions and save you money on your ad spend.

    There is no point just having lots of broad terms, you will likely just be throwing money away.

    Good luck!

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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    Setup Prosper202, it is really and great tracking for CPC ad networks like 7Search.
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      Thanks greedy i will have a look at prosper202
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