Peerfly did give me a second chance

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Hello guys!

A few years ago, my account was terminated by Peerfly because I have used a method (which I don't know that it's illegal) that is not allowed. I thought that this method was some sort of brokering (which I use Freelancer at that time), and I had over $50 in balance there in a single day, and I realized that it was wrong. So they had no choice but to shut down or terminate my account. I apologized to them, and whatever happens that I used to promote offers on sources or methods that are not allowed, I am indeed responsible and accepted it, but never restored my account and I respect that. I already learned my lesson and moved on....

Until a year later, I have decided to apply a new publisher account on Peerfly with the same credentials and methods of promotion, and submitted all of the verification needed to approve me. I waited for days and when I try check it, my application was denied. Maybe it is because I was being terminated once, and there's no chance that I can do business with them again. I am almost losing hope to get into their business again........

Until this year, I'm going to give my one final shot....

Last week, I applied to them once again, and completed all the verification that they wanted. But this time, I have included a promotion method that was never mentioned before, and hoping that they could accept me for the very last time.

And you know what, just today....I was accepted even without email notifications or phone calls.....

I can finally login to my account and see the member dashboard, and the offers as well.

Due that I believed it myself and had high hopes, my prayers are answered. Even though I was terminated once, but Peerfly does give me another chance. I did promised myself that I should be more careful in promoting their offers. I don't want to lose Peerfly again, coz' I know this CPA network is one of the top tiers out there.

If you are one of those guys who are being terminated by Peerfly once, don't lose hope. Believe in second chances as long you are going to do it right this time, just do it!!!

Thank you Peerfly! You rock!!!!

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