[FREE Tool] Automatically Resubmit Declined Ads on POF

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The 20/80 rule definitely applies for POF.

80% of your profits will come from 20% of your ads.

Of the thousands of ads I've tested, only a few dozen really crushed it. The rest were decent, but were nothing amazing.

Sometimes, you only need a single ad to make buckets of profits for months.

But here's the catch: The best ads are also the hardest to get approved. Plenty of Fish's approval team can be pretty unpredictable. I've had some totally tame ads disapproved for seemingly no reason at all.

The reviewer was having a bad day or something.

For example, here's an ad image that took a few tries to get through. But once it got approved, it absolutely KILLED it for me (you can probably guess why, haha.)

This made a few thousand in profit all by itself:

I've noticed that my most profitable ads usually err on the side of breaking the image guidelines because they're a little too risqué. (Not always the case, but more often than not.)

So besides testing a lot of pics, it's also important to resubmit each ad at least 3 times before giving up (no more or you risk pissing off the approval team).

Resubmitting your ads can be super annoying to do manually, especially when you're uploading a lot of ads daily. I used to do everything manually and found it to be a huge time suck.

This is where most affiliates give up and whine about how POF is "too hard".

Luckily, I found an a simple tool that automatically resubmits your ads, so you have a much higher chance of uncovering a killer campaign!

It's a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox and it works like a charm. I've used this for months and it's saved me hours of my time. And who knows how much money it's made me when it gets an ad through on the 2nd or 3rd resubmission

Download the tool here: Resubmit POF Ads with Ease - Greasemonkey Script | Fit Affiliate

(Shout to out Andy from FitAffilite for making this awesome script!)
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