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Hello Warriors!

I'm delighted to introduce to Warrior Forum - Bonadza, a brand new display advertising network/media buying platform, which loves affiliates, and accepts most CPA offers.

The URL of the network is:
Bonadza | A Premium Self Serving Media Buying Platform

The inventory is massive, there are over 500 million available impression per day, and over 40.000 placements to choose from. The common IAB banner dimensions are supported, and there a numerous targeting options, as well detailed reporting, conversion tracking...

The network is very young, launched only 4 days ago. The initial impressions and comments we got so far have been full of praise. Among our clients, we have several affiliate marketers running CPA offers in various verticals as well as Clickbank offers, and their comments so far have also been very positive.

Thus, I figured it would be a good idea to introduce Bonadza to Warrior Forum, because I know that you guys are always looking for a new source of traffic.

Feel free to ask whatever esle you'd want to know!
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    How are can make money from here? is there any publisher facilities too?

    $10,000 balanced Adwords campaign available each month.

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      Originally Posted by admaserusa View Post

      How are can make money from here? is there any publisher facilities too?
      The system has been constructed strictly for advertisers. Our goal was to focus on creating an ideal network for advertisers.

      You could possibly make money, by promoting a certain affiliate offer (or an other kind of offer) and utilizing our network to drive traffic to the offer. Bonadza works with IAB-sized banner ads, and also supports SWF creatives.
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    What is the minimum deposit?

    ^ My Blog

    Are you an affiliate that runs PPV advertising? You need my PPV target scraper!
    Have a Facebook Page? FPTraffic, manages over 1,000,000,000 (BILLION) Likes! Check it out :)
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    We have been working tirelessly, taking into consideration every remark and suggestion
    we got from our advertisers, and immediately got to work.

    We managed to swiftly implement two major features that from the feedback
    we got, were most requested. Those are the following :

    -Fold(Ad Position) Targeting-
    You now can target only placements which are only above
    or beyond the fold. This is especially useful for the advertisers that are only
    interested in the above the fold ad spots. While above the fold placements are generally
    better performing than below the fold placements, the below the fold placements are usually
    much cheaper than above the fold placements, and have more volume.

    -Creative Performance Stats for Each Placement
    You can view the performance of each creative for each individual placement,
    meaning, the performance of the creatives only on that specific placement.
    Before this feature was implemented, you could view the total stats at an adgroup level.
    Apart from viewing stats, you can pause or resume creatives for a specific placement.
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