Any CPM ad network for traffic exchange/ facebook like exchange?

by tafas
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I am constantly looking for a good CPM based ad network for our trafic/ social exchange website (Shareyt - Free Likes, Followers, Shares, Views, Social Bookmarks!).

We have had worst experience with adsense ad some other ad network. Just to mention, what happened with adsense. They displayed ads on the website for 6-7 months, ad revenue accumulated till it reached $750-800 usd. And after that we noticed the account was suspended and all earning withheld. Whats more the only check that arrived was also bounced back.

We have tried cpm fun, tribalfusion, valueclick, burstmedia etc. None of them seem to be appropriate for the type of website.

In this circumstances can anyone suggest a good cpm ad network, that pays around $0.05-$0.10 per 1000 international views?
Site traffic distribution: Site Info
And the website itself:

Will be grateful hearing any information regarding this.
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    try or madadsmedia. they have better cpm rates.
    Check your website worth -
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    It seems that you have tried a lot of ad networks but nothing seems to work for you. Chances are, you have already tried most of what we are going to suggest. The networks you've mentioned are among the top and what most of us use. I think it's better if you search for the different ad networks available that will specifically meet your qualifications.
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    Thanks for your feedback @Blogdum and @Cobaki.
    I will try and madadsmedia most probably doesn't accept social/ traffic exchange websites.

    I've googled a lot and tried many networks. Some networks slow down website, some through distasteful popups, some have malicious scripts/ redirecting to other sites, some just pay less than $0.02 CPM, some dont pay at all, others dont accept social/traffic exchange sites.
    So, after almost 6 months still i am looking for the perfect network for our website.

    Anyone else? Can you mention a few more?

    Coding apps for Pinterest.

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    I have the same question. So far I know adsense.
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    i would recommend fidelity media
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      Originally Posted by Jac0b View Post

      i would recommend fidelity media
      Just signed up. Lets see how this site works. Thanks again.
      So, I have got 1 ad network to try at the moment..
      Any more suggestion anyone?

      Coding apps for Pinterest.

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    Epom market. Average rates now are $0.7-1.0, and your niche could be interesting for them.
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