Dating affiliate help - I'm frustrated and desperate!!

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Hi fellow WarriorForum users,

I'm trying to promote some dating affers through Adwords. I know Adwords is insanely competitive, but I have had big successes with it in the past. And anyhow, my results are so horrible that there must be something else going on here other than that.

Now, I'm mostly promoting CJ based dating programs, like In fact, I am trying to do similar to the top Adwords site for dating (they must be spending like 100k every day!). I'm not sure I'm allowed to say their name, but they're always at the top in nearly every dating related search. They're also an affiliate site. I'm doing the same review site, with top rankings etc.

My problem is that... drumroll... after spending close to 600 dollars, I haven't been able to make a single sale. I mean, I know that those affiliates have a huge advantage over me (they don't use CJ to begin with - they have special partnerships with all those big dating sites) so I know I'd never be profitable in the start. But ZERO sales?

My clickthrough rate is around 40-50% and I do get some free signups (which don't pay) that never convert into actual sales.

Do any of you guys have dating affiliate tips / ideas?
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    Adwords doesn't like affiliates too much I would be careful because all your hard work could be lost with a quick ban.

    But regarding your lack of success, are you using any sort of tracking to track keywords for conversions?
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    I've sorted out everything with Adwords, they are OK with my site.

    I am using Prosper202 to track keywords. But nothing is converting!! So it's not like I can take the ones that convert and cut the other ones...

    This is a question to dating affiliates: How long should I be hopeful that a lead is gonna convert into a sale? What's the usual time difference?
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    If you do Pay Per sale, you will need a big budget for testing. Did you gave your keywords enough clicks?
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    Have you ever considered testing some CPL offers that pay on the sign up rather than the actual sale?

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      Originally Posted by LukePeerFly View Post

      Have you ever considered testing some CPL offers that pay on the sign up rather than the actual sale?
      Yes I did, I had some limited success with Cupid PLC's pay per lead offers. But I don't understand how I can make ZERO sales. This is really a new for me as I've had a lot of successes in sales before.

      I understand that every sale needs to be a lead first, but I have many leads with zero sales... maybe I should wait more to see if they convert? I don't know.
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    When you say you've had a lot of success in sales, how did you get your success?
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    Most affiliates do these offers with CPA, not CPL. And usually not Adwords.
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      You are getting killed out here. Really consider switching to CPA type of offers. I'd rather make $3-5 a sign up then hope for someone to pay for premium dating sites. You must be really tracking and knowing your target audience really well if you are gonna go the CPS route.
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    Dating Offers are pretty tricky but i use PPV traffic with a Landing page. There are many dating offers around so offer selection is very important too.
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    Use a Prelander on your own URL that filters to the registration for the dating site. And make sure you have a dating niche that your focused on.
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    I think those offers can take a lot of time, till you will see results.
    It's like webcams. I sent a lot of traffic to it, with zero result, but later on, i saw a few 200$ sells.
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