Which of these affiliate program are best?

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I dont really know what im doing with this buy i have added some affiliate things on my site and it has worked out great. I have a plan now to add a library for the user base because they are business oriented people in which need these services. Im tired of working with lead networks and sharing the profits. So now i want to go direct but not sure what im doing. Most of these programs im with through CJ.com because thats how they operate.

Im having some issues with what i think will be my most profitable referrals.

Credit cards... should i go directly to amex and mastercard? Or should i just go to some site that has an embedded API to compare multiple cards?

1)Credit Cards
2)Unsecured loans
3)Business Loan
4)Merchant Cash Advance

If anyone could give me some insights to good programs i would truly appreciate it. Is there some reason i should try to work with only people through CJ to make commissions easier all under one roof or no?

For other things like websites, domain registration, voip, fax, incorporation... those are more obvious... i see most of those good pay outs just come from branded companies... legalzoom, godaddy etc... but with these other industries it seems its not as obvious on which route to go with. thanks again.
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