setting up a youtube partnership and make money through it.

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Hey guys,

I'm looking to setup a youtube partnership to monetize my video's.
I want to make video's that promote the products of my webshop, but thought it would be nice that beside the sales, I could have a second flow of income.

I already tried to setup one to see if it was working and how much I could earn with it, but after a month, I'm still at 0,00€
the estimated amount of viewing minutes is 700.
I have almost 400 views and 2 subscribers.
I repeat, it's just a test account!!

I figured that I would already had earned at least 1 cent. But I'm stuck at nothing.

What I think could be the problem:
I can't see my youtube channel on adsense, but on youtube it says that it is linked...

I once got banned from adsense (2 years ago when I was still a stupid kid that wanted to make fast and easy money) but I got another emailadres and got accepted by google.

any other thoughts?

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