What AD network is not a scam for bloggers in 2013?

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Hi I recently worked on mobile for a short while and bad luck I used 2 networks that were scams lucky for me I sniffed them out before using them past a month. Now I am going back to blogging , this time making tutorials for people interested in learning HTML.
Now I see alot of AD networks that were once popular are now scams because of less profits and/or more competition . So which AD services do pay and don't try the trick were you earn the minimum amount then suddenly they ban you for bad traffic. If you have payment proof please show!!

P.S. Warning to scammers I have seen some scams on threads by companies I never heard of. I am warning you right now if you post in this thread, I won't blow the whistle on you, but your website won't be operational get my drift!! Have a nice day
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