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Here is a CPI offer I ran from MobPartner since 30 Aug, I am promoting it at BuzzCity. It is targeting an Asia country Android Smartphones, allowing all carriers and Wifi traffic. It was a new offer at MobPartner and a quite promising one so I gave it a try.

(30.08.13) As you can see, I created 8 different ads targeting to this single offer, all of them have the same targeting.

(30.08.13) The beginning of the campaigns is good, I get a lot of traffic and 5 conversions within an hour. The campaigns drained all my balance from $10+ to $0.00 within 2 hours.

(30.08.13) I was excited and this is the best result so far in 2 months I trying mobile CPA (Study, research, learning almost full time, you can see I'm a Hyperactive warrior now, that pretty illustrate me). I quickly study the statistics of the conversions, and I found that all of those conversions came from one channel, Mobile Content. From the statistics, I think I might make a profit if I set more new campaigns and optimizing old campaigns targeting Mobile Content only, so I immediately reload another $20 to test.

(30.08.13-31.08.13) I setup a few more new campaigns with the same ads targeting only Mobile Content channel, including optimizing old campaigns to Mobile Content channel only. But sadly, the result wasn't as expected. I get very little traffic and conversion anymore.

(31.08.13) This is the only conversion from all those campaigns with $15+ spent. All and targeting are the same except I optimized them to the previous converting channel, Mobile Content.

(31.08.13-01.09.13) From the $20 I topup, there is nearly $5 left. The first 5 conversions were at 16:00-17:00 according to MobPartner statistics, so I optimized all my campaigns again targeting time to 15:00-18:00. (No worries about timezone difference used by BuzzCity and MobPartner, I calculated them)

(03.09.13) No conversions anymore from all those campaigns.

TL;DR Conclusions:
- Ads Balance $10+ to $0 within 2 hours from the launch of the campaigns, 5 conversions, high traffic.
- Reloaded $20, optimized campaigns, lower traffic, $15+ spent (1 day), 1 conversion.
- Optimized again, very low traffic, ~$5 spent (3 days), 0 conversion.
- Optimized from publishers (channel), targeting time.
- I can't make profit without optimizing campaigns although they convert, I can't make profit either with optimization because of low traffic and conversion rate.
- Traffic volume is not a problem for the country I targeted, BuzzCity serves several hundreds of million ads per month in this country.

Opinions/Suggestions are welcomed.
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    do you know which time zone it is on mobpartner's report? i sent email to them but haven't get responds.
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      Originally Posted by weightlossin View Post

      do you know which time zone it is on mobpartner's report? i sent email to them but haven't get responds.
      MobPartner is located in France, so it is GMT+1
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    You "optimized" based on 5 conversion?

    WAY WAY WAY WAY too fast. You jumped the gun on that one.

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      Originally Posted by PPC-Coach View Post

      You "optimized" based on 5 conversion?

      WAY WAY WAY WAY too fast. You jumped the gun on that one.

      From your experience, is this offer worth further testing? The payout is $1+ and CPC $0.03+. How much budget/conversions would you suggest for testing this CPI offer?
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        if you have multiple campaigns with same targeting, you're probably competing with yourself.
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    follow the advice given. You should also block wifi, even though the offer allows it. if you want to run wifi, do it separately. Your offer does look like it might work though
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      So the offer pays 1$ plus some pennies. It looks like you paused some channels before you even spent $1 testing them. You're killing off potentially profitable targets that way. In the case of mobile, you have all sorts of targeting criteria that overlap, such as channels, phone brand, carrier, OS, etc. This means that you need to spend considerably more on testing each target that your offer pays.

      Also, don't assume that just because a channel performs well for one offer that it will perform well for all of them. Different channels target people with different interests. One channel may respond well to one offer, and poorly to another. Same goes for phone brand and model, OS, carrier and so on.
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    Can someone please help how do i get the spending the the pictures so i can See what channels.produced conversions..

    Currently i can not see what channels my conversions are coming from i can only see data such as clicks ctr etc.. this is a big problem.because i won't be able to optimize channels

    If someone could help me that would be great thanks
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