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I've been having good luck with our medical marijuana sites as of late, it just seems like there aren't too many offers out there. Has anybody come across any in their travels?
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    It's still illegal at the federal level so most businesses won't touch it, particularly in CPA when a buyer could be anywhere and then you'd run into interstate trafficking laws and serious legal ramifications.

    Probably the most you're going to find are marijuana-themed quizzes and email/zip submits that aren't really related to it at all.
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    There is plenty of affiliate products, from seeds to bongs, that we do really well with. It just seems that CPA is lagging behind. Marijuana is growing fast as more and more states legalize it and the money floating around is insane.
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    Washington + Colorado have legalized pot - definitely a huge emerging sector to be in as more states will legalize. The feds have said they won't step on the toes of state governments regarding pot and I personally know (I live in Washington) a few internet marketers who have systems in place to capitalize as soon as the law goes into place later this year - but CPA companies probably won't go near it as the legal implications are unknown and they most likely make enough money to not worry about it.
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