how much budget do i need to promote cpa as a newbie?

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have only $500 now though
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    With $500 you will go a long way if you do a little amount of the job yourself.

    It's a good budget for a good start.
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    Its a great budget to start dating niche. Try some dating offers with pof. Definitely you can get succeed.
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    $500 is minimal budget for CPA . $1000 is the ideal starting budget. I have spent around $500 for setting up , join paid forum/ blogging , host , VPN etc and spend some for ads campaign . Still reach $60++ for revenue .

    Still long way to reach success.
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    You can be profitable with $100. Be careful with your $500, track your stats carefully, tweak often, and you'll be fine. The most important thing is to set a low-ish daily limit like $20 so you can constantly tweak and change your campaigns. Spend only 2-3x the payout of an offer before changing your campaign if you aren't in the positive.
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    500$ for what kind of traffic source? 500$ might be enough to get started with 7search for instance but not close to enough for PPv or media buying.
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    $500 is a decent budget. Do u have tracking software and VPS server?

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    Originally Posted by trolldad View Post

    have only $500 now though
    $500 is a good start. Depending on how you do, you may need more (you also might not). But it is a good start.
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    It depends on how knowledgeable you are.

    If you do your due diligence you should be able to make money.
    The money is the motive.

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    $500 can go far if you do a lot of studying before you actually start buying traffic. You have to walk before you can run.
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    You need to be very careful. Your money can disappear quickly if you do not keep track.
    It much better to start with some free traffic then to blow $500 bucks.
    But good luck.
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    Originally Posted by trolldad View Post

    have only $500 now though
    I always recommend to have £300-400 as a PPC budget for lead generation or CPA. This gives you a big enough window to test a solid number of keywords and gather valuable data i.e. which keywords make you money, which need a bit of tweaking and which are crap. But you do need money for this and front-end you USUALLY just about break-even or lose a bit of money ... but the trick is to then adjust your campaign and kill off the bad keywords.

    Rinse and repeat this with 4-5 products (life insurance, health, logbook, debt management, income protection) ... and you're laughing all the way to the bank

    Any questions just let me know guys,
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    Start with whatever budget you have and build up. If your cash is limited, then start with free traffic methods until you cash to start paid traffic.
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    I second the low daily limit, even if you have $500 - spread that out, take your time and test daily.
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