GoldShare: super easy surveys and amazing conversion rate! 10$ (Signup bonus!)

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New features
  • Goldshare network trying our best to show our users the BEST offers from 3 different quality networks this will surely increase your conversion rates and payouts amout for each completed survey.
  • We tried our best to make download page extre simple, and the result is: here.
  • All of surveys has explanation which type of survey it is and how to unlock the target the file.

    100% file unlocking warranty!

    Short video about how easy to complete our surveys:
  • Some people experienced some problems with others file unlocking systems, this issue was fixed in our network, we offer 100% that everyone will get their file after survey will be completed.
  • We offer great way to track your statistic, you'll be able to track last 20 conversions.

  • We have great Leaderboards statistic, which will show you'r rank, in which place you are.

  • We will offer more surveys than everone could offer, we are doing our best to get super easy surveys on the top.

    New member on GoldShare?

  • Sign up and once you'll be accepted you will get 10$ bonus to help you get started.

  • Sign up now and start earning real money!

And few payments proof from our workers:

All our updates available in our Facebook fan page -

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