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What are best sources for media buying traffic?
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    Search google for media buying sumo - it's s free ebook and very good for all things media buying
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    Hope this helps.
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      There are a few sites and I was playing around with one recently on a campaign.

      You can choose two ways to find places for media buys, I recommend the first.

      1) you can search Google for blogs related to your nice and contact them (works well for me)

      2) use a platform where you can choose your budget and test different sites.

      Let me know if you prefer the second and i'll post the platform I'm messing around with. Not at my computer and your thread caught my attention.
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    Google content network is the best for direct response. SiteScout and other RTB can be good, but you'll need $2000 to throw away on testing to get the good results (and obviously an offer/set that will last long enough to scale).

    What I would say to anybody with less than an unlimited testing budget who wants to do media buys for direct response is to start by running ads (Facebook is good) to articles that are very relevant to your niche and dropping a remarketing cookie on your visitors. Then doing media buys targeting only those with your cookie. That way you get far more excellent CTR and your CPC could potentially be very low.

    Or find another way to get remarketing cookies on people's browsers. Direct response media buying is all about making use of big data (to get a CTR high enough to have advantage over branding buys), so those with the low budget need to be using remarketing to offset their lack of big data.
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