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I'm using CPALead for content locking, and I've put up a survey on the website
so there's a survey popping up when they go into the site..

Problem is.. people from europe or other places, don't get surveys that are free to answer.. they either have to put phone numbers, or send sms etc.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with something that they're from europe.. Is it different for people from the US, and how can I fix this?

So the surveys/gateways I put up are easy and quick to answer, so I get paid, and they get to see the content?

Thanks in advance!
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    You would need to setup some type of geotargeting and redirect people from outside the main country you are targeting to different pages. How are you driving traffic to the site?
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    im newbie here i need more info about this
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    Check with you affiliate manager, they might have a solution for you, otherwise if for the users in the US the offers are easier to complete, start promoting your page to US targets.
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    I'm gonna get traffic by advertising in youtube etc, and some gaming forums, with this site I was doing a test, because it's been so long since I last did that and I TOTALLY forgot how to set it up decently. Alot of stuff has changed aswell

    Btw thanks guys, it has really helped me, I'll do that now!
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    CPALead has automatic geo redirection its better to confirm with your affiliate manager.
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    The offer you are promoting is probably not available in Europe.

    Have some build a redirect that lets your sort by geo-location isn't that hard to do. This way you can redirect people from different countries to different offers.
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