What are the most common questions??

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Hey there,

What are the most common question for marketing CPA offers?

I am starting a blog and what to build some helpful content.

I will be posting hints tips and methods on there too.

But 1st i need some questions to answer for my blog.

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    These are some of the questions I've gotten along the years. Some of them aren't from newbies to CPA so I'm not sure if you'll still want to target them.

    (not in any particular order)
    1. What can I do about scrubbing? (What IS scrubbing? How do I know I'm being scrubbed?)
    2. How can I build a good relationship with my affiliate manager? Is this important?
    3. How can I disclose the continuity program to buyers without turning them away?
    4. What happened with FTC and all the **** offers?
    5. Which networks offer the most diverse programs?
    6. How can I make sure I get into certain networks?

    Hope these help!
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    When I attended AdTech09 last month, the affiliate managers were telling me how **** offers were dead and the next big thing will be anti-wrinkles. <-- thought you could maybe do a blog about that possibly
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    Hey Paul,

    1. Which are the top 20 cpa networks to join?

    2. Which are the top 5 lead markets to go after?

    3. Which are the top 5 sale markets to go after?

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