Ad network that will allow all proceeds to go to charity?

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I am building a Chrome add-in that adds advertisements to certain sites. All proceeds will get donated to a certain non-profit org, and the success of the add in depends on telling users that all proceeds will go to the nonprofit.

Google AdSense prohibits telling users that all revenue will go to charity to avoid indirectly encouraging clicks. Are there ad networks that would be more amenable to this model? Ideally the network I choose is pay per impression, but I'm ok with CPC or CPL if necessary.

Thanks for any and all help!
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    We can help you with that, as long as you do not tell them we are cpc (basically telling them to click the ads) We are more than happy to have you as a publisher.
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      Not even sure if this is relevant, as I didn't understand your post completely. But I know that if you make squidoo lenses, any clicks that you can get, you have the opportunity to send them to charity.

      With that said, any PPC/CPC site or network that you work with won't allow you to tell people that the proceeds are going to charity, as said by Google, and above - because it influences the decision of the user to click an ad.
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    Thanks for the replies thus far. Squidoo isn't applicable for me because I'm injecting ads into other sites, not creating my own. Also, I'll look into UF marketing, though my add in doesn't pertain to games so I suspect the ads would have low relevance to most of my users.

    Anyone have any other suggestions for ad networks that might fit the bill?

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